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We create engaging designs that improve human-screen interactions and help build your vision better. 

Types of Services We Provide

Designing Websites. Mobile Apps. Software

Website UI/UX Design

Websites Design

We design clean and aesthetic web applications around users’ needs so that your audience spends more time on your website.

Mobile Apps UI UX

Mobile Apps Design

We design easy, striking and interactive yet functional mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that live up to the users’ experience.

SaaS UI/UX Design

SaaS Design

We implement the best UX design practices to connect with your target audience and help make a successful SaaS product.


Our Projects

Websites. Mobile Apps. Software


With an e-learning and training tool that brings an organisation’s workforce up to speed, we built an Online Training Module to help employees track performances and record the qualifications of their training programs.


We have designed an expense tracker app that functions as a simple money tracker for users to monitor, maintain and stay on top of their budget and expenses.


Making shopping easier than ever, we have designed a social e-commerce app that offers products at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers will make the purchase.



We have streamlined a Document Management Software (DMS) and redesigned its user interface, with simple automation for efficient handling of documents suitable for any kind of organisation.

Mobile UX/UI


We have designed an intuitive and easy to use daily mobile banking app that makes managing personal finances easier.

Connect users to your brand and products emotionally with a cognitive UX/UI design for greater business success. ​

Connect users to your brand and products emotionally with a cognitive UX/UI design for greater business success.

Why Southtech for UX/UI Design Solution

Delivering impactful UX/UI design solutions worth your every penny

Maximising Lead Generation​

Maximising Lead Generation

Lead generation is the goal, and we design your UX/UI from scratch with the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology to maximise leads.

Versatile Knowledge of Businesses

With decades of experience in digital product design for various business domains, we blend our versatile knowledge to create a success story.

Customer’s Customer First

We believe in the customer’s customer-first approach when designing every digital product pixel to meet your customer’s expectations.

Common FAQs on UX/UI Design Solutions

Without a strategically designed UX/UI, brands fail to engage customers online. So, UX/UI design is essential for your digital product to succeed. More detail.

After learning client requirements, our dedicated UX/UI design team conducts extensive research on competitors and customers. Then the data is curated for a custom design that helps us build the prototype. The entire process is highly dependent on the feedback from clients and end-users. Such an extensive process helps us design and deliver a successful product.

It depends on your requirements. But we make sure that the design is worth every penny you spend. Contact our team to learn about the cost.

There are multiple tools we use for the research, design and testing. Our team typically uses the following:

  • Adobe XD
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe Illustrator
  •  Just in Mind
  •  InVision
  • Sketch
  •  Figma etc.

We kick start every project with a client meeting to properly understand the product, customer, and buyer’s persona. Throughout the research and analysis period, we gather all the details that usually includes:

  • Business goals
  • Target audience
  •  Product details
  •  Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project
  • Technical specifications
  • Existing market research data
  • User analytics data
  • Business reports

We keep our designs simple yet informative for the best user experience. By following a user-centric approach to design, our primary focus is on ensuring that the user gets a pleasant experience while using any system. 

All our designs are focused on the minimalistic and holistic approach. The minimalism ensures that the wireframe is equipped with features and functional elements that ease user interaction. Our UX/UI relies on keeping the interface easy to understand while overcoming the technical sophistication for ease of use.

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Adapt user-centric UX/UI designs for ultimate success because users ignore designs that ignore them.

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