Life at Southtech

Let’s take a deeper look into how life at Southtech unfolds every day – from what motivates us in our work, to how we learn and grow together as human beings.

Our journey over the years

Over the past two decades, we have had the privilege of serving a wide spectrum of organizations and helping them grow. Our varied experience in different fields is what makes us unique in being able to truly meet clients’ requirements and go beyond.

Since 1996, when we came into being, our customers have always been the driving force behind our success. Southtech has always dedicated itself towards the cause of simplifying complex business processes through automation. We value creating lasting partnerships and delivering awesome experiences.

We build great software and use them ourselves. This makes us better understand our own software from a user’s perspective, which ultimately translates to excellence in the quality and service that we deliver.

People of Southtech

Over the years, we have built and nurtured brilliant teams that have contributed directly to pioneering digital transformation in the Bangladeshi corporate ecosystem. Here at Southtech, we respect and value the diverse beliefs, characteristics, and perspectives that shape each individual. We celebrate our diversity and firmly believe that this is a key ingredient to a healthy and prosperous working environment. We believe that a great organization is great only because of its people.

Women of Southtech

Southtech is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves in sharing the same opportunities and promoting equality in the workplace. We celebrate the women at Southtech for their unmatched contribution at work and in general.

Always finding a way to succeed

We always find a way to succeed. We are passionate about keeping our promises regardless of any given situation. Even when the economy was at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we kept on operating and serving our customers through a well structured ‘Work from Home’ framework. 

Join Us In The Journey

Join us in our journey towards excellence. If you love challenges and want to make a difference, Southtech is the right kind of place for you!

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