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Launching ASL in 2020

One Of a kind Loan origination Software - Ascend Smart Lending.

Your way towards smart lending in the digital age made easy by the loan origination software. Compare loan products, find the best option, and apply from the comfort of your home!

Manage more loans
Less paper-work
Hassle-free disbursal

Your Go-to Platform for Loan Processing

No matter if you are a financial institution looking to give out loans or a loan applicant in need for loans, Ascend Smart Lending is just the right loan origination software you are looking for!

Integrated Loan Origination System

Integrated Loan Origination software

Have a separate data pool to maintain for the Bank? Automatically update and sync loan approvals with your Core Banking Solution.

Completely Verified

We understand your security concerns but why trouble the applicant to come all the way to the bank to receive loans? You can now authenticate customers door-to-door as well as over the counter disbursements through OTP generation.

Completely Verified Loan origination system
Web Based Centralized Solution

A Web-based Centralized Solution

Check the status of loan application in real-time with the loan origination software and answer queries with online chat support. Leave behind time-consuming follow-ups with information just a click away, via email/SMS notification.

A Secured and Transparent KYC Profile

Through our loan origination software, know the ins and outs of any incoming loan application. View pending and ongoing loan counts managed by other institutions for an easy to do customer e-KYC. Handing out loans to the qualifying applicants has never been more reassuring.

A secured and transparent KYC Profile

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing UX/UI design solutions for your organization

Features that make us stand out as a comprehensive loan origination software

Ascend Smart Lending is a modular and component based solution. Currently, the product has a total of 18+ independent modules

Includes unsecured and secured loans: personal, home, car, SME, etc.

Allows setting traditional 5C assessment criteria (capacity, capital, collateral, condition and character)

Automatically provides decision on repayment capacity based on the amount applied for, interest rate, tenure, outgoings, valuation of collaterals, etc. as per data submitted

Create required roles such as: loan officers, managers, loan committees, legal department, custodians, etc.

Applicant’s registration, door-to-door and over the counter disbursements are secured by OTP verification.

Scanned copies of legal and other required documents are secured and immediately accessible to the underwriter.

From the loan application to final loan disbursement, bank officials and applicants can get a complete 360 view of the progress made for each loan case.

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing UX/UI design solutions for your organization

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