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Bangladesh airport

If we can build ERP for airports, we can build any enterprise solution for you

Aviation ERP

Furthering the goal of Vision 2021 towards a digital Bangladesh, Southtech developed one of the largest customized software solutions that includes automating 15 airports, 4 aerodromes, 5 operating units and a headquarters under CAAB.

The 1st company from the IT industry in Bangladesh to automate the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB).

Acumen based on 281+ Years

Of employees’ collective professional working experiences

Aviation authority, airports and airlines

In sync with timely reports and operational transparency

bangladesh software company case study

Making your employees happy with less effort

Success Stories of Our HR Software

Our HR management solution is tried and tested in organizations that have between 60-200,000+ employees, covering all HR needs from onboarding to retirement.

Process payrolls of an entire group of industries with our ‘One-click Salary Generation’.

Served major enterprises for over 10 years

logos of oldest HR clients

Southtech life made easier through our own HR Software

Microcredit organization BRAC

How we have helped the world’s largest development organization from 1996-2020


sUCCESS sTORIES OF oUR Microfinance Software

Southtech, since its inception has played an active part in the cause of financial inclusion. Southtech’s very first software was developed to enable MFIs to bring microfinance services to the ultra-poor.

Through our software we could determine that 90% of household received healthcare across hard to reach regions

Estimated Money saved on paper cost and operational cost

In 1996


In 2020


success stories - microfinance

Meeting your needs ahead of deadlines

Success Stories - PGMF

Southtech won the bet!

Pact Global Microfinance Fund, Myanmar (PGMF), is the longest-serving NGO in Myanmar that required complete automation of paper-based operations of their then 192 branches. While 2 other foreign companies failed the implementation after 2.5 years, Southtech completed it in a span of 7 months by employees in Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Our delivery date was challenged and a friendly bet ensued between PGMF and Southtech’s management teams. If Southtech failed to deliver on time, PGMF would fine $500 for everyday delayed and vice-versa.

Southtech won the bet!


21 days early

Received an

Extra $10,500

Southtech presents Microfinance Success Asia, 2019

Towards A Digital Bangladesh​

Southtech has been a proud contributor to the Digital Bangladesh dream through providing automation and software solutions for various government projects throughout the years. 

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