HR Software: SCALED

A Comprehensive Human Resource Management Software Solution

This is a complete, fully automated Human Resource Management solution where all business processes are automated from recruitment to retirement.

This online and web-based advanced HR Management software allows you to efficiently manage all HR activities and significantly reduce administrative and operational costs. The feature rich software solution consists of 11 modules that oversee a business’s HR operations. At present, the solution is successfully running in organisations that have between 60 – 100,000+ employees, which manages all things related to salary disbursement, Provident Fund related activities, recruitment etc.

How we add value to different levels of your organization

All people management activities such as talent acquisition and retention, efficient man-power utilization, skill-set upgradation and employee evaluation is efficiently maintained enabling the overall costs for the company to be reduced. 

Senior Management

  •  Increased profitability through a higher utilization of the HR Department
  • Faster decision making through real time reports
  • Reduced cost through efficient man power utilization

Mid Management

  • Carry out performance evaluations of each employee
  • Simple user interface reducing time for training staff


  • Auto generation of pay slips and salary certificate ensuring confidentiality
  • Personal access to leave application and balance saving time
  • Personal loan application and status reports can be checked confidentially


  •  Automated recruitment portal ensuring right resources are hired
  • Automated salary calculation saving time and money
  • Fast and secure access to employee data
  • Employee training set up made simple and fast

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing ERP for your micro-finance.

Modular Overview

The modules allow the HR Department to manage, assess and evaluate prospective employees and permanent employees alike.

Provident Fund

  • Handles all PF related activities such as setting up members, PF polices, monthly contributions etc.
  • Reduces time to manage PF related issues due to automation
  • Automatically allocates investment profit
  • Allows individual employees to view personal PF statements

Income Tax

  • Tax is calculated appropriately according to the salary bracket
  • Saves time since tax is deducted at source
  • Flexible income tax structure


  •  Allows the setting up of job descriptions and objectives to define goals
  • Top-down and bottom-up evaluations can be generated by line managers and their respective subordinates


  •  Allows the managing of loans with customized interest rates, EMI calculations and automatic adjustment to salaries
  • Loans offered to staff members by the organization itself can be managed within the system
  • Can generate status reports on loan disbursement, collection and realization


  • Training venues, resources and instructors can be set up in a systematic manner
  • Training examinations and evaluations can be carried out automatically
  • Feedback can be collected based on trainer, training material and training environment


  •  Manage CV Banks
  • Can create new jobs and store all relevant information
  • Easily set up examinations, marking schemes, venues and analyze results

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing ERP for your micro-finance.