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Easy POS

Best Web-Based POS Solution in Bangladesh

Streamline your Sales Process with the most flexible and adaptive POS and retail management system in the market.

Southtech's EasyPOS – Everything Retailers Need Under One POS Solution

Southtech’s EasyPOS is the ultimate POS and retail management software developed to automate the entire retail operation. Its flexible and adaptive interface is a perfect fit for any retail business to enhance the customer shopping experience. With EasyPOS, you can do more than any other POS solution- monitor and manage the entire sales process 24/7, run sales activities online and offline, manage inventory, conduct sales accountancy, and more.

Why EasyPOS for Retail Businesses?

Every feature you need from start to finish in one solution

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Hybrid Functionality

EasyPOS is built to function perfectly both online and offline to provide a more flexible and adaptable retail experience. Keep your sales uninterrupted with our POS system, and never get stuck despite any odds!

Inventory Management

Our POS solution is more than just a POS system. It is developed to withstand any challenges of inventory management. Simplify your inventory with an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard that provides complete transparency.

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Real-Time Reporting

EasyPOS helps you make business decisions with real-time reporting! You can access your database 24/7 on any device from anywhere to check your retail’s overall health – access sales, inventory, branch transfer, damage stocking reports online.  

Secured and Manageable

With our POS system, security is impenetrable, and management is empowered! EasyPOS uses cutting-edge technology for better security and back-office management – secure electronic transactions and user data and set rules for every employee.  

EasyPOS is fully compatible with any payment terminal, while its web-based application ensures access on any device. It provides robust security with encrypted data transfer and transaction verification.

EasyPOS Modules

More than you need in a POS solution


Mandatory Modules

  • Define unlimited roles for users
  • Set role with screen permission (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Create and maintain user roles efficiently
  • Manage passwords efficiently
  • Setup screen permission, user mapping and approver
  • Manage approval request status
  • Define operational policies

Master Data Management

  • Define product master Data – Attributes, Category, Sub-Category, Group & Brand
  • Define Supplier & Customer Master Data
  • Maintain Kit – For Packaged Products
  • Manage free products
  • Maintain multiple Barcodes with products & tag printing

Procurement Module

  • Create purchase orders centrally or branch-wise
  • Maintain product transaction’s approval process
  • Receive products based on the purchase order or without a purchase order
  • Manage procurement to pay process centrally or branch wise
  • Get ageing based payment or after-sales payment process
  • Dynamically adjust the advance and return amount on supplier payments
  • Generate and monitor supplier analysis report
  • Generate Purchase History Report etc.

Inventory Module

  • Manage inventory based on branch and location
  • Manage inventory based on product’s size, colour and expiry date
  • Physically audit an individual or bulk product for reconciliation
  • Manage inventory of damaged products by disposal
  • Make transactions offline in case of an internet outage
  • Manage multiple payment methods and credit sales
  • Manage sales refund and exchange efficiently
  • Integrate and manage SDC devices
  • Generate SDC (Sales Data Controller) reports
  • Manage customer bonus point
  • Generate all types of reports 24/7 on any device online
  • Take proper decisions by analysing various types of reports
  • Generate transaction reports to keep records of every product
  • Get customer reports and analyse customer purchase behaviour
  • Generate reports on supplier payable and performance
  • Generate sales reports and analyse profitability and sales trend
  • Get overall account reports and check the financial health of your company
  • See product inventory overview and movement history


Optional Modules

  • Calculate branch-wise transactions
  • Manage batch processing for repetitive voucher entries
  • Process and post general vouchers
  • Auto-generate vouchers from the point of sales and product transactions
  • Auto-adjust advance payments for the dynamic Suppliers
  • See account charts in the tree diagram
  • Generate branch wise/consolidated voucher, ledger and trial balance reports
  • See branch wise/consolidated receipt, payment and cash flow reports
  • Generate branch wise/consolidated income-expense and balance sheet reports
  • Audit Document Creation (Product Category/Sub-Category)
  • Define a specific terminal to conduct the physical audit
  • Calculate amounts through barcodes faster
  • Re-check and modify entered quantity and products
  • Keep records of wrong counts for stock adjustment
  • Auto-generate the variance value based on the final count
  • Enter variance quantity to close the audit and account adjustment

Why Choose Us?

  • Southtech provides the best quality software solutions and client services in Bangladesh.
  • Our support team is always there to guide you from implementation to complete automation. 
  • Our POS solution works seamlessly with other third-party software.
  • Southtech combines cutting-edge technology and decades of experience to develop financial solutions.   

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