Mobile App Prototype for Social E-commerce App

Making shopping easier than ever, we have designed a social e-commerce app that offers products at significantly reduced prices, on the condition that a minimum number of buyers will make the purchase.

Our Roles

Research, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sketching, Wireframing, UI, Prototyping


4 Weeks

social e-commerce app screen sample

The Challenge in Social E-commerce Mobile Apps

Introducing fairly new features in the app to the targeted market 

Getting To know the business mind

After conducting a stakeholder interview and lighting talks we analyze the responses

Our Client’s Goals
  1. User onboarding & engagements 
  2. Bulk Sales
  3. Viral Marketing

Understanding the Users of a Social E-commerce App:

An in-depth research revealed to us the 3 types of potential users after which we have created the persona to focus on purchasing behaviour.

details of user persona

Research Objectives

Research Outcomes

How might we

To get a clear vision of the product features, we collected Insights from the user research and identified their needs to create How Might We and Point of View statements. 

How might we help Elora to get the lowest-priced product that suits her needs?
  • Group-buying feature will help Elora to get lowest-priced product
How might we help Elora to check what her friends and family are buying and using?
  • Show Product Review
How might we help Elora to check how many products are sold?
  • Show Product Sold Data

Information Architecture for Social E-commerce App

The IA is organized around the new user’s signup and group buy features. The hierarchy below includes both user onboarding and group buy features. To eliminate extra steps and provide the user with a faster and better experience, we have kept fewer screens on the app.

information architecture of social e-commerce app

Sketch and wireframe

Generated and shared a broad range of ideas as individuals, after which the team narrowed down group-wise ideas to a single, well-articulated solution.

sketch of social e-commerce app prototype
digital wireframe of social e-commerce app

UI Kit

To keep consistency across the app, we created a UI Kit. We have kept the typography clean and modern for better readability. 

UI kit of social e-commerce app

High-fidelity Prototype

Designed a high-fidelity prototype based on our design kit.

prototype of social e-commerce app

Final Thoughts

Conducted user testing on our high-fidelity mockups in Figma to see how users complete signup. After this step, we asked them to purchase and invite their friends to join group-buying. 

Overall, the feedback was positive and users were able to signup easily and complete group-buying task with minimal errors. Future iterations will involve how to improve group-buying feature’s CTA and microcopy for users so that they understand it without any delay.

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