User Interface Design For Mobile Banking App

We have designed an intuitive and easy to use daily mobile banking app that will make managing personal finances easier.

Our Roles

Research, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sketching, Wireframing, Redesign User Interface & Prototyping.


4 Weeks

The Challenge in Mobile Banking Apps

Keeping all key services and features in the application simple and secure while providing a complete experience.

Getting to Know The Industry

We researched on today’s financial industry and how they are becoming increasingly digital. Modern banks are aware of the topical trends and innovations using reliable and user-friendly mobile banking apps. The UX strategy seems to be the major trend in the app development for banks for the next few years.

Our Client’s Goals
  1. Identify usability issues
  2. Intuitive user Interface
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Explore branding 

Analysis Of Mobile Banking App Users

Based on the user interviews, user survey and play store reviews, we gathered their needs and motivations for the application use

Application Usage Frequency
statistics of application usages
User Needs
  1. Check balance and switch account easily
  2. Being able to transfer money and pay bills easily
  3. Check transactions history

Information Architecture

By understanding both the possibilities and limitations, we mapped the old app IA and organized it to a simple one. We incorporated new features like Voice Transactions, QR Code Payments and enabled access to multiple accounts simultaneously which did not exist in the previous list of features.

information architecture of mobile banking app

Sketch and Wireframe

Developed multiple ideas to choose the best solution from in terms of simplicity and feasibility. For faster iteration and to give a clear idea across the product team, we sketch the solution on paper then construct the wireframe in Figma.

UI Kit

The previous mobile app platform did not follow any UI kit. So we explored their basic branding and set colour palette  and typography to maintain branding consistency across the app.  We kept the overall look minimal for easy readability and access to users. 

ui kit for mobile banking app


A quick breakdown of the features added to the prototype, addressing the needs of the users of the mobile banking app:  

Mobile UX/UI

Final Thoughts

After usability test sessions with the users, we compiled and analyzed all the data and presented it with practical recommendations for our client. We were able to pinpoint our target user’s basic banking needs in their professional and personal lives to merge the solutions into one app. The personas helped tremendously in screening the most pressing requirements and focusing on those to create an intuitive user interface.

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