Which is the top CMMI Level 5 Company in Bangladesh?

CMMI Level 5 company in Bangladesh

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Are you wondering about what’s all this recent fuss about CMMI? Do you want to know how a CMMI Level 5 company is unique from the rest of the crowd? Then this article is for you.

But hold on. Before we dive into the endless ocean of process management in the CMMI way, let me first present you with some familiar situations.

Which is the top CMMI Level 5 Company in Bangladesh?

Have you ever been involved in projects that just went over your estimated budget? Or have you ever worked with a software company that does not care about providing you with accurate timelines? And there must have been numerous cases in your life where you had a service delivered that wasn’t what you were promised.

Well, you would have easily been able to avoid all of these hassles if you had dealt with a CMMI Level 5 appraised software company.

These days, great organizations all over the world are leveraging the CMMI framework to solve complex business problems with simple solutions. In this age of continuous disruption in the technological world, it is vital to understand what CMMI is. Therefore, it is also critical to understand what implications does it have in software development.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process module that gives a guideline to businesses to implement methods or systems that lead to improved productivity. This accreditation is widely regarded as the benchmark for quality. Especially, when it comes to software development processes around the world.

The framework was established by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University as a tool for software development. The comprehensive framework is now managed by the CMMI institute.

CMMI uses 5 levels or stages to explain the maturity of the organization. It emphasizes on business needs, integration and institutionalization.

Problems of working with non cmmi software companies

What are the “Levels’’?

When a company’s processes are poorly controlled, reactive, and unpredictable, it falls under the category of CMMI Level 1.

Level 2 appraisal is given to companies whose processes remain reactive and are often characterized for specific projects.

A CMMI Level 3 appraised company has developed proactive processes that are designed for the organization as a whole, rather than for a single project.

Level 4 is the maturity designated for companies whose process is measured and controlled.

The highest CMMI designation, Level 5 is provided to companies whose primary focus is continuous improvement of its already defined processes. In this stage, the organization is continuously heading towards improvement. “Agility and Innovation” is followed throughout the organizational processes.

The importance of CMMI policies & practices

CMMI shows the way to focus and effectively manage software development from product inception through deployment and maintenance. Thus, it supports an organization to organize and streamline its software development mechanisms.

CMMI measures existing development processes and points out weaknesses and areas to improve.

According to the CMMI Institute, CMMI is not a how-to-handbook. CMMI is not there to define your companies processes, rather it gives you a roadmap of the best practices that your company can compare with its existing ones. Apart from being a process model, CMMI is also regarded as a behavioral model.

CMMI improves the value of testing for the company and enhances the Return on Investment (ROI). This is an always-evolving process.

In short, from the client’s perspective, the end results are:

Clients' benefits for working with a cmmi level 5 company
  • Cost Saving
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Better quality deliverables
  • Stability of the solutions delivered

The Bangladeshi Perspective

The value of proper processes and practices in an organization can’t be measured. When it comes to software development processes, the importance of following the CMMI standards and guidelines is crucial. In Bangladesh, thanks to the collective efforts in the public-private sector, the IT/ITeS industry is booming at lightning speed.

Bangladesh is moving well and fast towards the “Digital Bangladesh – 2021” goal and the software companies have been the major contributors in this field.

However, only a handful of companies in Bangladesh seem to be keeping up with the promise of delivering quality projects. There are a lot of things that separate a good software company from the countless numbers of below-par firms in the market. In the process of delivering numerous projects in short amounts of time, sometimes vendors forget about the quality.

There are a large number of growing IT/software service providers in the local market but not all of them are truly bankable. In the very primary level, there are no ways to ensure credibility and trustworthiness from the bottom up. Most of the firms lag behind in terms of financial and infrastructural strength.

An organization without a proper process framework such as CMMI is a ship without a rudder. It doesn’t know where it’s going.

Here, the government has been encouraging software export heavily. Even if it is regarded that the IT sector can be the next big thing after RMG for the country. Service providers must instill credibility and trustworthiness into the minds of the service seekers. So, the vendors must adhere to certain standard process and performance guidelines.

businesses can bank on a cmmi level 5 company

Increasing customer satisfaction, engagement, agility, and overall quality are some of the most important elements of improving performance.

Standards of a CMMI Level 5 company

Many companies are turning to CMMI institute to focus on their efforts to improve and streamline organizational process framework through:

  • Project and Work Management
  • People Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Supporting Infrastructure
  • Product Engineering and Development
  • Process Management
  • Data Management

“The essence of strategy is not the structure of the company’s products and markets but the dynamics of its behavior … the building blocks of strategy are not products and markets, but business processes.’’ – George Stalk, Harvard Business Review

Southtech is the leading cmmi level 5 company in Bangladesh


Southtech came to be known as the leading CMMI Level 5 software company in Bangladesh, through constant improvement of processes and systems. It is the leading software solution provider out of the very few companies that have been constantly innovating in the industry. The company connects to their clients through state of the art performance management mechanisms.

Southtech’s road to being the leading CMMI Level 5 software company in Bangladesh

Southtech has always put quality first. Since its inception in 1996, the company has been growing continuously because of its devotion to top-quality project delivery. Southtech has always delivered on its promises with 100% client satisfaction.

2008: Southtech became one of the very first CMMI level 3 appraised companies in Bangladesh.
2017: Southtech got appraised as a CMMI Level 5 software company.

At the moment, Southtech is only one of the two CMMI Level 5 software companies in the whole country.

This proves the company’s sincere dedication towards keeping up with the best practices. Southtech focuses on the excellent quality during each and every software project implementation.

Southtech has a flawless implementation track record, excellent client base, and superior support architecture. All these things proudly represent the high values the company believe in. Southtech does it while also adhering to the best performance management guidelines.

Listen to Southtech’s Head of Quality Assurance Department. Hear what she has to say on how the top CMMI level 5 company in Bangladesh maintains its dynamic processes:

Want to know more about why smart businesses are looking for CMMI Level 5 companies for their software projects? Simply go through this blog: What is CMMI accreditation and what’s in it for you?

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