Why Southtech is the Best IT Company in Bangladesh

Southtech - best IT company in Bangladesh

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Who is the best IT company in Bangladesh can be an excellent topic for debate. A few software companies working in this industry are doing a tremendous job that can qualify them as the best in the business. However, the definition of best varies from person to person. Still, few universal fundamentals play a vital role in determining who is doing the best work in their industry.

Southtech- The best IT company in Bangladesh

There was a time when everyone would only consider internationally acclaimed IT companies to be the best. Rightly so. Because 30 years ago, organizations based in developed countries were the only ones everyone would confide in for IT solution. They were the only companies that could provide the technical support that was required by their clients. So people would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get one software installed.

As a result of that, the economic condition of our country slowly started to suffer. Why wouldn’t it? Because every year, a large amount of transactions were made to different countries all across the globe. In this scenario, Bangladesh was in dire need of something of their own. A one-stop solution for all their software trouble.

How The Best IT company in Bangladesh came into being

Realizing something needs to be done for the IT sector of Bangladesh, our founder Syed Mamnun Quader, took the lead and decided to build a software company that would become a household name. Thus his brainchild and one of the best IT company in Bangladesh Southtech came to life.

Founded in 1996, Southtech is now serving more than 80 clients all over the world with almost 5000 installations to date. Our six offices worldwide operate with more than 217 tech enthusiasts who are working relentlessly to bring the best software solutions at your doorstep. 

Ranging from microfinance institutions, Banks, retail stores, the aviation industry and many more, Southtech has been serving their clients to help make their everyday complexities simple. 

The growth of Southtech in the last 23 years

The growth of the best IT company in Bangladesh

For a company to sustain for more than 23 years is a testimony of its growth in itself. However, our client list and repetition of clients is another yardstick for measuring our success so far.

Let’s have a look at some of our biggest clients.

The biggest clients of Southtech

The clients that we work with are the biggest enterprises in our country. Enterprises like BRAC, RDRS, SSUS, Eastern Bank LTD, are to name a few who work with millions of people and help them make a better future for themselves. 

With a mission to make Southtech a household name in Bangladesh, we are constantly updating our services to meet every need of our clients and become the best IT company in Bangladesh. 

Here at Southtech, we believe in thinking about the customer’s customer first.

On the topic of beliefs, we can’t stress enough how strongly Southtech encourages ethical and moral practices. There are a few core values we have that every member of the Southtech family follows. Let’s have a look at them.

core values of the Best IT company in Bangladesh

Why are core values so important in business? Does it really make a difference in the growth of the company? How do I set the core values that best suit my organizational needs? 

Before you answer any of these questions, you need to understand what core value means in business. Core values are what help us achieve our mission and vision. By practicing these values, we get one step closer to being the best IT company in Bangladesh. 

Like any other company thriving for success, Southtech also has a few core values that every member follows. 

Our core values are 

  1. Think about the customer’s customer first
  2. Take pride in your role
  3. Praise colleagues publicly
  4. Share your knowledge
  5. Seek fulfillment in your everyday work
  6. Be accountable and responsible
  7. Practice continues learning 
  8. Always find a way to succeed

The customer-first approach

Core values of the best IT company in Bangladesh

All our core values are aligned with each other. The benefits are subjected in a way that everything ties up in the end together. If we take a look at our first core value, Think about the customer’s customer first, this is our first and the most significant core value that we have. Here at Southtech, we don’t just cater to our customers; we cater to our customer’s customers. 

So no matter how the process of our products flow, we always keep in mind that the end-users are our main customers. So we try to simplify the services as much as we can. 

Being the best IT company in Bangladesh, we Take pride in our role. Every member of the Southtech family is incredibly proud to be a part of this company. So whoever is responsible for a role, they make sure that they are not just working but also bringing a change into your life. We often see people not being proud of the role that they are working in, but in Southtech, every individual is appointed in a position that is best suited for them. 

If you don’t love your job, then you should leave your job.

This is what we believe. This will create an opportunity for someone who will actually be passionate to take on that role. 

Another value that we emphasize a lot on is, Praise your colleagues publicly. The sad reality of our society is that we hardly praise someone if they do a great job. On the contrary, if someone does something wrong, we don’t waste a minute to point fingers at them. This practice is a big no-no in Southtech. We strongly believe that when we praise each other for their work, that individual gets more motivated to perform better and give his 100% to keep the performance going up. 

“Sharing Is Caring”

Sharing your knowledge has always been our motto for success. We understand that not everyone knows everything. But we also believe that everyone can TRY to know anything if proper knowledge is shared with them. This knowledge sharing also exceeds department boundaries in Southtech. For instance, someone from the sales team might have an interest in content and designing. So if s/he asks some technical questions to our designer or content manager, be sure that s/he won’t be disappointed. 

Core values of the best IT company in Bangladesh

We spend a big portion of our day at work. From morning till evening, our job is what keeps us going. That is why you should always seek fulfillment in your everyday work. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then you will end up living a life that doesn’t fulfill you. At Southtech, we encourage every member to seek fulfillment in their everyday work, and we also try to help them provide an environment that will aid their satisfaction.

Being accountable and responsible is another value that we follow. We believe that everyone should take accountability and responsibility for their actions. Just like you should be credited when you do your job well, you should also take responsibility for your actions when they are not very fruitful.  

You can never have enough knowledge. Knowledge is an asset that can never be measured in numbers. That is why one of our core values is to practice continuous learning. We promote the concept of keeping on learning every day. Because the more you know, the more you grow. 

Our “Success Mantra”

Last but not least, our final value is to always find a way to succeed. There are no excuses for success. We practice the mindset that, if something can’t be done in one way then there must be another way to do it. So we keep on looking for different ways to succeed. 

In Southtech, we believe in creating an environment that provides people with the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and for others. Inclusion is what this best IT company in Bangladesh practice every day. 

Our Products

Customizing customer’s needs is our custom.

When it comes to the products and services, Southtech ensures that they provide their clients with products that are not only unique and revolutionary but also justifies the investment.   

Our products focus on adding features that will help the clients better their everyday work. Our major products cover industries like: 

  • Microfinance Institutions and Banks  
  • Aviation 
  • Restaurant Management 
  • Retail Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare; and so on…

Products of the best IT company in Bangladesh

Our Flagship Products

Our product that serves the microfinance institutions and banks is Ascend financials. Ascend financials is your all-round microfinance software solution that helps you enable financial inclusion. Designed for microfinance institutions and banks, this product of ours simplifies your everyday complexities because we care about your customer’s journey. Ascend financials will help you with branchless banking, online/offline data collection services, reduced paper costs, insight into your client’s portfolio and a regulatory friendly solution. 

Our other product that has received incredible feedback from our HRMS clients is SCALED. This fully automated human resource management solution allows you to efficiently manage all HR activities. Currently, SCALED is successfully running in organizations that have 60-100,000+ employees. 

The ERP software Smart Fusion helps you efficiently manage all your core business processes. Consisting of 11 modules, SF Plus is the most comprehensive software module in Bangladesh. 

The ERP software Smart Fusion helps you efficiently manage all your core business processes. Consisting of 11 modules, SF Plus is the most comprehensive software module in Bangladesh. 

Through our Dining Plus software, restaurant owners have the flexibility of checking daily operations and sales from a single dashboard. With 7 integrated automated modules, POS system of restaurants can now be managed faster.

And our Point of sales product, Easy POS is designed for serious retailers and businesses with specialized automation needs. It helps you monitor your business and personalize your customer’s experience.

Why our clients choose us?

The IT industry in our country has grown tremendously in the last decade. Many new software companies are now serving people and helping in the growth of economy and technology in recent years. There is no doubt that many software companies that are working in the industry now are doing an incredible job of providing the best of the best services to their clients. However, some of the companies like Southtech, who has been in the industry for over 20 years have proven their quality time and time again.

The influencing Factors

There are a few influencing factors that help our clients choose us over any other software company. Some of them include:

  • CMMI level 5 certification
  • Customized web-based solution system
  • A list of client with the biggest names in the market
  • Client feedback
  • Many prestigious awards and certifications

With the proven track record of working with the biggest names in the industry, as shown above, Southtech surely is one of the first choices of most enterprises. Our client list has also helped us a lot in becoming the best IT company in Bangladesh.

In a 2017 survey done by Everest group, they predicted that by the year 2025, Bangladesh’s IT services domestic market size would grow into an estimated USD of 4.6-4.8 billion.

Bangladesh IT/ITeS Industry Domestic Market Size
Survey Link HERE

And with over 112+ million transactions each month, Southtech surely contributes to a large extent in the growth shown in the survey.

As numbers speak louder than words, these reports are definitely an influencing factor for our clients to decide who is the best IT company in Bangladesh.

The quality and uniqueness of our products also help our clients to decide why they should choose Southtech. Our easily accessible software that can be customized to individual needs allows our clients to verify our quality.

We also believe in nurturing our relationships with our clients. Every enterprise that we work with, we put in extra effort to get to know their needs and priorities. Not only while working on building software for them, even after the implementation process is done, our team continuously keeps in touch with them.

Let’s have a look at what few of our clients have to say about us and our services: 

Awards And Certification

Southtech never works for recognition. But everyone appreciates a few pats on the back here and there, right?

As an acknowledgment of our contribution to the IT industry, we received quite a few awards in our journey to becoming the best IT company in Bangladesh. Few of the honorable mentions are:

Southtech Award and certifications

You can visit our about us page to know more about the recognition that we have received so far.

Four employees, one leader, and a thousand dreams were all it took for Southtech to start its journey

23 years later, with a family of over 217+ visionaries, Southtech has now become the IT company of Bangladesh. However, this is not where we slow down our speed. This is where we pick up the pace. We don’t just want to be a part of our customer’s experiences, we want to be a name that our customer’s customers can also trust.

“For several years we have invested a lot of our time, energy and resources in upgrading our solution. We have now managed to do all of that. We can now address the market with much more experience and knowledge.”‘ – Syed Mamnun Quader; MD & CEO, Southtech

At Southtech we ensure that only excellence endures.

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