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The Best ERP software in Bangladesh

A complete ERP Software to efficiently manage all your core business processes

Overview of SF Plus®

SF Plus is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) sOFTWARE SUITE which automates core business processes to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for business operations.

Southtech’s proprietary ERP software solution, SF Plus is the most comprehensive ERP software in Bangladesh.  The ERP software consists of a total of 11 modules that enable a business to set up the backbone of its processes and procedures thereby ensuring excellent maintenance of day to day operations. The solution has been developed keeping in mind the various aspects of running a large enterprise and equips management with the right management information reports for faster decision making. Its mobile application ensures connectivity to HO for remote workers enabling secure access to specific user-defined business functions. Built on Microsoft technology, with security at its core, such an ERP software suite caters to those who have an efficient, data-rich and secure operation in mind.

How the Best ERP Software in Bangladesh adds value to your organization

Reduce cost and time by automating all aspects of your business through an integrated ERP software solution for better decision making

Senior Management

  • Easy to get an overall snapshot of the organization’s performance through dynamic dashboards
  • Faster decision making through real time reports

Procurement Manager

  • Life becomes easier with automatic re-orders
  • Manage all suppliers and their payments through one dashboard
  • Easily keep track of all procured and returned items

Head of Accounts

  • Saves hundreds of hours given error-free automated income statements, trial balances, balance sheets, chart of accounts and daily transaction reports are available
  • Keep track of all assets and their lifecycles till their disposal

IT Manager

  • Role-wise screen permission set up as per the organizational structure and work-flow
  • All activity is monitored (authorized and unauthorized access attempts)
  • Disaster recovery is taken care of

HR Department

  • Automated recruitment portal ensuring right resources are hired
  • Automated salary, leave and attendance calculations saving time and money
  • Fast and secure access to employee data 
  • Employee training set up made simple and fast
erp software in bangladesh

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SF PLUS Modular Overview - Leading ERP Software in Bangladesh

Procurement and Sourcing

  • Enables setting up of all products being procured and their user-defined re-order levels
  • Automatic notifications are sent when inventory decreases to the re-order level
  • All suppliers can be managed and their prices can be compared before placing orders through the system

Fixed Asset Management

  • Allows a business to keep track of all significant assets
  • Multiple depreciation calculation methods are incorporated in the system
  • Manages multiple assets under a single lease and/or insurance with automatic payments
  • Supports parent and subsidiary corporations while monitoring asset location and its audit trail

Financial Management

  • Vital financial and accounting reports are in-built in the system
  • Maker-checker policy set up at voucher entry to establish dual control
  • Chart of accounts can be maintained and broken down to many levels
  • Automated notifications are sent when expenditure reaches the budget set for a function/department

Security Administration

  • The leading ERP software in Bangladesh ensures the system has an audit trail for all activities
  • Safeguards the system with user classification and controls
  • Automatically backs up the database at certain intervals

Employee Information

  • A smart and simple GUI allows quick upload, managing and storing of employee data
  • Employees can update their basic information like education qualifications, address, spousal information etc.
  • Easy search options allow employee data to be filtered based on multiple parameters

Payroll and Benefits

  • Attendance and leave management systems can be tagged with payroll for deduction and adjustment for leave without pay or unauthorized absence
  • Provident Funds can be set up and managed through the system

Leave and Attendance

  • Attendance from a branch level is captured in the system in HO
  • Leave applications and their approval policy can be set according to the organizational structure
  • HR can analyze the workforce management prior to long vacations and advice respective line managers to adjust the leave if required

Training Management

  • Training venues, resources and instructors can be set up in systematic manner
  • The best ERP software in Bangladesh allows you to conduct training examinations and evaluations automatically
  • Professional certification requirements can be sent to HR so that external resources can be hired

Employee Performance Appraisal Management

  • Allows the setting up of job descriptions and objectives to define goals and KPIs
  • Top-down and bottom-up evaluations can be generated by line managers and their respective subordinates

Service Management

  • Services provided directly to end users can be set up through the system
  • All service requests can be set by users while the respective authorities can either approve or reject them

Vehicle Management

  • Enables businesses to manage a fleet of vehicles, their service history and travel history
  • Includes a requisition portal where vehicles can be requested for booking detailing the duration of booking, date of use, etc.
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How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing ERP for your organization


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