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The ultimate Point of Sale (POS) software for retailers and businesses with specialized automation needs

The Best POS Software in Bangladesh

Monitor your business and personalize your customer experiences, the second they walk through your doors. With Southtech’s simple and easy to use POS Software, retailers of any size can automate their business operations.

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Offline Sales System

Continue uninterrupted sales from your PC independent of server connection

Easy ERP intergration with POS Software

Avail ERP solution with POS software and manage all activities from designing to production to sales

Interactive POS software in Bangladesh

Push sales by receiving alerts for suggested items at check out

Open Discount Provision

Offer ad hoc discounts on individual items from final bill

Hear from our POS Software clients

Our dedicated development and support team makes sure that you don’t have to waste time worrying about your software anymore. We believe real success can only be achieved through 100% client satisfaction. But why take it from us? Listen to what EasyPOS users have to say.

How the best POS Software in Bangladesh helps businesses like you?

  • Efficient inventory management
    Supplier and vendor portfolio management
  • Ability to monitor operations of multiple branches from a central location
  • Automatic preparation of all your necessary reports
  • Flexible financing for managing accounts with manual and automated transactions (voucher entry)
  • Installation support and training to reduce dependency
  • Multiple currency support- never again lose a potential source of revenue
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Value-addition for Key Players within the Business

Automate every aspect of your super shop with EasyPOS – the smartest POS software in Bangladesh to make sure everything goes right towards your journey to success. This POS Software therefore allows retailers and everyone involved in it to benefit from several advantages, like saving time and money while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction levels.


  • Make strategic decisions to control costs and increase profitability with easy access to profit and loss reports.
  • With our POS Software, oversee branch-wise performances and coordinate accordingly based on automated reports
  • Reduced operational expenses therefore enjoy higher return on investments

Store Manager

  • Stay up-to-date about physical stock of goods at any given time with this POS Software
  • Locate exact location of products in designated shelves
  • Relay real time stock reports to senior management

Procurement Manager

  • Configure the system to automatically prepare purchase order to supplier for goods
  • Get notified about which goods to be purchased


  • Save time through better customer service with timely and accurate processing of bills and orders
  • Convenient payment options through the POS software systems
  • Enjoy customer loyalty and rewards points

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing ERP for your organization

POS Software - Modular Overview

At Southtech, we realize each retailer has different needs. While Southtech EasyPOS consists of a total of 9 modules, the EasyPOS system is easily customizable. Therefore, customers will be able to tailor the solution to their needs and only pay for the modules they need.

  • Ensures secure process by setting role-wise access rights for all the users of the system
  • Predefines approvers for any kind of policy changes to help maintain systematic control over the organization
  • Highly parameterized POS Software to meet the most unique business requirements
  • Schedules and manages shifts and users according to timing and capacity
  • Enables in depth customizations of payments, discounts and sales prices
  • Oversees all sales activity through consolidated sales monitoring
  • Performance wise ranking or comparisons of different outlets through the POS Software, measuring sales frequencies and volume
  • Provisions for a highly accommodating sales and after-sales service for an enhanced customer experience
  • Finished goods in real-time; regulates an interactive management, purchasing and tracking of working capital
  • Projects product requirements as per diminishing and available stock of supplies so you can plan ahead
  • Integrates all business operations to generate automatic accounting vouchers
  • Oversees all types of costs, payment adjustments, day close submissions, miscellaneous expenses, income, etc. to automatically update accounting reports

  • Provides a wide range of comprehensive MIS reports for data-driven decision making
  • 50+ reports from POS software


  • Set all types of policies (retail/exchange policy, item-wise discounts, etc.)


  • Reconciles any type of inconsistencies between system stock and physical stock


  • The POS software allows production of own finished goods using raw materials

Business Intelligence (Optional)

  • Data driven decision making is made possible by analyzing trends, opportunities & risks
  • Data collection through POS software possible from multiple source points
  • Build attractive dashboards to suit your needs

How Can We Help You?

We can help you from automating your HR to implementing ERP for your organization

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