HR practices in Bangladesh that need to change ASAP!

HR Practices you need to change

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HR practices in Bangladesh are just like the streets of old Dhaka. They are ancient, flawed, and need to be updated as soon as possible. 

No one in Bangladesh is ready to go that extra mile to make a change. There will be that one person in decades who would take the lead and make positive changes to the system. And until someone new comes and takes charge to better things, everyone will go with the flow. 

As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the HR practices of our country is also a victim of this habit. There were no significant upgrades in the HR system of our country in the recent times. 

Before we start listing down the reasons why the current HR practices don’t work (which we will in a minute), let’s discuss why HR practices are essential for a business.

The standard HR practices in Bangladesh  

HR practices in Bangladesh that need to change

Although even after implementing internal HR policies and procedures, no one can guarantee that everyone would follow them to the core, some updates are always necessary. It’s the need of the hour. The company needs to focus on adopting what will work for the business.

HR practices won’t just get fixed overnight. 

You need to focus on adopting what will work for your business. And to do that, you must understand the concept of HR practices first.

This might sound like a ‘one size fits all’ type agenda, but that’s hardly the case. Depending on the country, region, business module, and, most importantly, the services, HR practices need to be redesigned. Majority of the organizations based in Bangladesh have a fixed set of HR practices that they follow. Let’s have a look at them, and I will let you decide how impactful these are.

  1. One size fits all approach 
  2. Manual data storage
  3. Long-chain of command 
  4. Lengthy recruitment process 
  5. Age-old training process 
  6. Lack of proper employee engagement 
  7. Not evaluating turn-over rates 

Things to keep in mind

You can’t assume that what suits your best friend would look flattering on you as well. Something similar goes for HR practices in Bangladesh, as well. Just because some HR practices worked for an organization, everyone else started blindly following them. This will do more harm than good.

The resistance to change in technology isn’t a new HR practice in Bangladesh. People mostly don’t welcome change. And when the change involves technology that they have no idea about, then the resistance gets intensified. 

And if you think the implementation of HR software is complicated, then let me break the good news to you. Software companies like Southtech build software services for you that not only justifies the investment but also is easily customizable. 

Southtech’s HR software SCALED is built in a way that will only cater to YOUR needs. You don’t have to customize your ways to adapt to SCALED; it will adapt to your ideas.

Why these HR practices need to change


Employees are a company’s most important investment. Let it be small businesses or big entities; investing in their teams will enjoy faster growth and outrun their competition.

All the employees need to know common HR issues. 

Lastly, by doing so, they will know what their rights are and put the right policies and procedures in place now. Understanding the complexities of employee benefits, labor laws, leadership development, and other aspects help you achieve your organizational goals quickly in the years to come by.

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