The best software company in Bangladesh and their work culture

Work culture of best IT companies in Bangladesh

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Getting a job is tough, and when it comes to getting a job at the best software company in Bangladesh, then the difficulty level is much higher. 

In a country where there are currently more than 6.5 million unemployed population, one should consider themselves fortunate if they land a good job. However, as much as we all want to have a job at the most prominent organizations possible, sometimes, it seems like a far fetched dream.

Having said that, don’t lose hope. The good news is, there are several prominent software companies that have ample amount of opportunity for young talents like you. 

I will not give much away at the beginning. But I will start by saying that, working for the best software company in Bangladesh is a fascinating experience. Even though, this experience may not fit your personal beliefs. and how you want to spend your life, it’s quite a challenge, but it surely does provide a lot of opportunity for personal growth. 

On the contrary, there are a lot of skills that you can learn at these companies, even if not evolving at the pace you might want.

Enough discussion on the exclusivity of such companies. Let’s start with the positive aspects and then get into the more questionable ones.

The pros of working at the best it Company in Bangladesh

You can’t deny the fact that working for big organizations always bring a lot of benefits that can add a lot to someone’s career. The same goes for working with the best software companies like Southtech. Companies like Southtech ensure a safe and secure work environment that helps people to bring out the best in them. 

Let’s see what else these companies have to offer for you.

Job security

One noticeable thing about working for big companies is, how powerful they are. If your work is essential to the business in some way, funding will never be an issue. If your project doesn’t go according to plan, in the software field, you will most definitely be redshifted, and there will be no risk of getting fired. Especially in an area where there’s a deficit of right talent, a good company can’t afford to lose employees. That is why your job is secure.

Not only funding, but given the long list of employees and global reach of these companies, it is incredible how impactful work can be. You may not have a lot of input to influence decision making, but there’s no second-guessing that depending on what you do, there will be a significant appreciation of your work.

Employee engagement is key in success

Structured work-frame

If you’re in the technology business, then you get the opportunity of working on big projects like a big customer network with big companies.

Other aspects of the successful business is like having very intensely built systems or having well defined and matured processes for support. This is found at big companies, so working with them turns out to be a great chance to learn from systems that prosper over time. 

A well-structured work-frame helps the employees feel more accountable and responsible for their designated tasks. 

Special benefits

Although there are a few differences among companies. Big software companies, in general, have at least some standard benefits that are hard to compete with. Therefore small companies generally can’t beat them until they get to a certain level. 

Having unique benefits do add up a lot into the productivity and loyalty of an employee. In a research done by Dr.Lalitamishra mentioned that 66% of employees are more loyal to the organization with on-time payment. 

Why you should work for the best software company in Bangladesh

This goes to show that people are more interested in staying at a job if the company has a good payroll system.

Due to their magnitude, there isn’t one person or small group who is overseeing every aspect of the production at a big company. There is a need to delegate power to others to make decisions, to decide the priorities, and to help employees grow more into their careers. 

For this reason, not to be mismanaged and to reduce politics among these people in charge, what do we have at big companies? 


Just like any other big companies around the world, the best software company in Bangladesh has a regulation determining system. This is done in order to allow the company to scale out in a relatively organized and predictable fashion.

Fair Reward system

Big companies always reward good performers. Majority of the time, the best software companies tend to go through the company ranks order by order or more precisely level by level to pay the employees who deserve the reward. 

Now you may ask, why step by step? 

There is a process in place, and everyone must follow it accordingly. It doesn’t matter if the employee is fantastic at his job, and everyone knows about his excellent performance; they need to follow the proper procedure. 

However, there is a limit to how much and how regularly the company can actually reward an employee. The only exception can be a strong business need that makes the company follow the reward process. 

Having said that, this needs to include a lot of effort by a group of managers and creates a framework that doesn’t harm the model for all other employees. 

Things no one tells you about working for the best software company in Bangladesh

Now let’s discuss what you actually came here to know. There will be instances where what you want actually surpasses what is provided to you. Not to criticize any organization’s framework or to say working at the best software company in Bangladesh is very critical. However, few things are always ignored, and no one really openly talks about them. 

So here are a few things that no-one tells you about working for the best software company in Bangladesh: 

You continuously need to improve: This one is a no brainer. No matter where you work, you constantly need to keep improving your knowledge in that particular sector. This helps you become more and more competent in your industry.

How this helps you?

Especially in the software industry, you can only imagine how many things you need to stay updated on. Whatever service or product you are working on, always keep checking what the recent updates are in that region.  

Let’s imagine you recently joined the best software company in Bangladesh. If you are a fresh graduate, then things might be a little lenient for you, but the first few weeks. They would expect you to learn the basics of the company by at least the first month of joining. And how do you do that?

By continually improving your knowledge about the products and services that the organization works with.  

Innovation is the key: If you are working at the best software company in Bangladesh, then chances are you are innovative. However, one can always learn new things, right? And the best software company in Bangladesh are the best place for that. 

Always be open to experiences and keep inventing new things. In a market where every possible great idea is done, it’s difficult to come up with innovation. 

But don’t lose hope; with proper research you can definitely contribute a lot to the innovation of your company and it’s services. 

Things to keep in mind

Moreover, you should always keep on learning new things for your good too. The more you work on bettering yourself, the faster you will reach success in life. The innovation doesn’t have to be something as extravagant as the next IOS. Start with small steps. 

In the CEO Magazine’s article “What Really Makes Something Innovative?” mentions that, “Sometimes it’s those quiet achievers who can make just as big an impact without having to be ostentatious about it.”

This statement means, just because something is being talked about doesn’t always mean that is the best invention. Even your smallest contribution can create something that brings positive changes in people’s lives.  

Think about the customer’s customer first: In a software company, you don’t really work directly for the end-user. The products are actually for the people who will bring the product to the end-user. 

This is where some software companies fall short. Their products and services should be designed in such a manner that it’s easy to use for the end-user. Creating a product that will confuse the user rather than making their life easier just cancels out the main reason software solutions exist. 

That is why Southtech believes in thinking about the customer’s customer first. The number one core value that every member of Southtech family swears by is to Think about the customer’s customer first. 

Number one core value of the best software company in Bangladesh

The 9-5 life doesn’t exist here: I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you are planning to leave the office premises exactly when the clock hits 5:00 clock, then my dear, this industry is not for you. 

The work of web developers, in fact, anyone working for the best software company in Bangladesh, is quite technical and time can’t measure that. 

Also remember that

There might be days when you would have to work late hours on a project. That is why one should not go for a career in the software industry if they are not passionate about it. 

If you want to be a part of this industry just to say, “I work for the best software company in Bangladesh”, then there is a good possibility that after a while you will not feel motivated to work. 

No matter what you do for a living, You need to enjoy your work. If your work doesn’t make you feel passionate then you can never be happy at that company. It can be the best software company in Bangladesh, but you will still find something to complain about. 

Expect changes, a lot of them: Don’t think everything that you work on will be accepted easily. They won’t. The best software company in Bangladesh tries to get the best quality and services to their clients. That is why, no matter what products or services they are working on, they want to ensure international quality. 

You need to understand that, quality takes time. 

The future career prospects in Software companies in Bangladesh

The list of the best software company in Bangladesh isn’t too long to be honest. Nonetheless, the few ones that are in business, they are doing an incredible job at maintaining the world-class quality. 

And don’t think you have to be a software developer or an engineer to build a career in the software industry. 

From writers, designers, business analysts, everyone can get a job at any software company. You just have to be the best in your field and the role is yours. There is a scope for everyone. This is not an industry that has a huge domination of a particular group. There might be mostly the developers who lead from the front. However, there are other necessary roles that are much needed to get the everyday tasks going smoothly. 

The predictions say that the IT industry of Bangladesh will contribute big numbers in the growth of the economy. 

If you want to be a part of one of the best software company in Bangladesh, then keep an eye on Southtech’s website

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