CMMI Level 5 Companies in Bangladesh – Beware of The Fakes

Beware of the fake CMMI level 5 companies in Bangladesh

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What’s all the recent fuss about CMMI? What’s the whole point of process management in software development? Why should you care? As a service seeker, why should you only look for companies paying the highest attention to performance management? And if you do really care, what are the ways in which you can find out the genuine CMMI Level 5 companies in your country?

While you’re considering a highly awaited software implementation project, how does it help to be associated with a highly appraised company for quality and process management?

Well, in this blog, we’ll try to find the answers to all these questions, along with many more.

CMMI level 5 companies set the benchmark in software development

What’s CMMI and why should you care?

Without knowing what CMMI really stands for, it is hard to justify spending time to get to work with highly appraised software firms. Working with such companies ensure the proper delivery of projects. Not only that, it also provides expert guidance even after the project handover.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is the most widely accepted framework in the world when it comes to quality assurance in software projects. This framework assists in streamlining the software development process. CMMI organizes and perfects the process, decreasing potential risks and threats.

Developing mid-large scale enterprise software solutions is not a walk in the park. It’s just not for beginners and the numerous risks involved are just not worth taking for you. And as a responsible and sensible business owner, you would want to hire industry experts with a solid background in project quality management.

The most credible way to find this out is to take the help of globally accepted frameworks like the CMMI. If you want the best of the best to work for you, have a look at the list of the leading CMMI level 5 companies out there.

This will help you a lot and in fact, save your precious time while you’re researching ahead of a software development project.

the ”Quality” Benchmark

CMMI Level 5 companies are the most sought after

CMMI is the benchmark that every software development company out there wants to achieve. But unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Obtaining and constantly maintaining high levels of CMMI can be extremely challenging. CMMI level 5 companies set the benchmark in ideal software solution project implementation, process and performance management mechanisms.

Experienced software service seekers all over the world are very careful about partnering with companies that do not have proper process management guidelines.

Not only private organizations, governments around the world also profoundly prioritize CMMI adherence during the time of public procurement.

Smart businesses know who to work with and who to completely avoid. Knowing your vendor’s strengths eases your implementation process and makes life so much easier.

Life without proper guidance in software development

In companies where quality and performance management mechanisms are non-existent, you will see such recurring scenarios like:

Life without the CMMI guidance

  • Client requirements not gathered systematically
  • Mismanaged communication among the various stakeholders
  • Absence of any set timeline or breakdown of deliverables
  • Flawed software release processes
  • Inaccurate or defective software testing policies
  • Buggy solutions, faulty support system 
  • Deadlines are often not met

As a result, projects are not delivered as promised and end in frustration and failure from both sides.

The Situation in Bangladesh

Through the government’s constant support and backing, the IT industry is growing at a staggering rate. This is part of the ”Digital Bangladesh” dream.

Unfortunately, it is seen that only a handful of software companies care about the process and quality of the implementation. This affects the final outcome of any partnership between the service seeker and the service provider. Many large scale government automation projects are either broken down or just lingering around due to sheer inefficiency and negligence.

As a result, there has been a high amount of discontent among the service seekers centering Bangladeshi software companies. The assumption is that Bangladeshi software companies are not competent enough to deliver high profile IT projects.

The Bangladesh Government is promoting the outsourcing of software services. The country holds a lot of potential in the software development field. But failing to meet standards and deadlines only leads to disappointment.

The absence of adequate software implementation guidelines and procedures lead to dissatisfaction of the client. This impacts the goodwill of the local service providers. Eventually, we lose out on potential business opportunities at home and abroad.

One of the prerequisites to most of the public IT/ITeS projects around the world is that the bidding software companies must have proper CMMI certification. In Bangladesh too, most government IT projects require bids from only CMMI acknowledged companies.

CMMI compliance in the private sector

Like the rest of the world, private organizations here are also starting to understand the need to work only with properly guided companies. In the B2B industry, there is absolutely zero scope for failure. The risks of working with non-CMMI companies are not worth taking anymore.

Privately-owned companies here now understand the hazards involved in working with vendors not having any satisfactory quality management system in place. This is how important CMMI is. The value of this well-defined quality management framework will only rise with time.

The higher the CMMI level of a company, the more you can bank on it!

Knowing the stages

The only way to know if a software vendor is leveraging the best quality management processes or not is to look for the CMMI certification. There are 5 steps to the Capability Maturity Model Integration.

To know more about the stages and what they really describe, feel free to go through this article:

Know your leading CMMI Level 5 Software Companies in Bangladesh

CMMI Level 5 companies in Bangladesh

When it comes to CMMI level 5 companies in Bangladesh, the name Southtech comes to mind first. Southtech is appraised at the highest level of this model and it is one of the only two CMMI level 5 companies in Bangladesh.

The highest CMMI designation is provided to companies whose primary focus is continuous improvement of its already defined processes

In this stage, the appraisal means that Southtech is continuously heading towards improvement. This ‘’optimizing’’ level denotes that “Agility and Innovation” is followed throughout the organizational processes.

How to find the CMMI Level 5 companies in Bangladesh

Here’s how you can verify whether your intended software service provider is CMMI appraised or not.

Published Appraisal Results

By clicking on the link, you’ll land on a page where you’ll get to see the full directory of all the CMMI published appraisal results. By filtering your results with country and maturity level, you’ll be able to find the desired results; i.e: The CMMI Level 5 companies in Bangladesh.

Here’s how you can find us there:

Go to the CMMI Institute website and Hit this link!

If you want to find all the CMMI Level 5 appraised software companies in Bangladesh, then follow these simple steps:

  1. In the “Maturity Level” field, choose “Maturity Level 5”
  2. In the “Country” field, choose “Bangladesh”
  3. Click on “Apply Filter”

And there you go! You’ll find Southtech as one of the only two CMMI Level 5 software companies in Bangladesh!


It can be seen that many other firms are trying to mislead people into believing that they’re also one of the CMMI level 5 companies in Bangladesh. Whereas, most of them either don’t have it, or just lost it over the years. As mentioned before, systematically ensuring that all CMMI processes are maintained regularly is not as easy.

Problems of working with non-cmmi software companies

Maintaining compliance is even harder than achieving it. Just make sure you don’t get fooled by the fake pretenders in the market. Some of the companies actually want you to believe that they are compliant with CMMI practices when truly they are just faking it for the sake of it.

Whenever you see such misleading claims and falsified certificates, report it to the appropriate authority immediately. Send out your report to- quality@cmmiinstitute.com.

There are a lot of fake pretenders out there in the market. This is why you should always verify the authenticity of the vendor before going into any project.

The directory available in the CMMI Institute website will help you in finding the appropriate software solution provider for your next big project. You would not suffer from undelivered promises, defaulting timelines or incomplete solutions during your vital projects.

Southtech’s Promise of Quality is Unbeatable

Southtech’s aim of implementing CMMI is not only to be making systems more organized, effective and profitable, rather it also hopes to keep improving the processes constantly.

Southtech’s CMMI Level 5 appraisal means that the organization is at a stage of superior stability. Flexibility is practiced throughout the organizational processes and you can expect excellent documentation from the vendor’s side.

There’s more interesting stuff that you would love to know about Southtech and its dedication to superior quality of work. Listen to what Mr. Ambarnath Chattopadhyay, Principal Consultant for CMMI, has to say on this in an exclusive interview with Southtech.

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