Top Software Company in Bangladesh: Southtech 2019 Recap

2019 recap of Southtech

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Not just Lionel Messi, the top software company in Bangladesh – Southtech also achieved some incredible milestones in 2019. As a decade ends with 2019, the development that Bangladesh has been through in the technology sector was huge. 

We didn’t just elevate to Facebook lives and smartphones; software automation has also evolved more than ever before. In the last decade, slowly but surely, people started to realize the importance of software automation. 

The fast development of technology has now provided a lot of alternative solutions for many companies in running and developing their organization. 

Now more and more companies are interested in starting to build their business model by relying on software solutions, which now is a new trend in data management, especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. 

However, software systems are not just a trendy and innovative solution, but also a relatively new business model, applicable to any companies. 

2019 was the year where people started to give technology a chance. But there are still a few people who think that software solutions are only used as a back-up for the system running; what they don’t know is that it has more functions to offer to the companies. 

As the new year has just arrived, new possibilities for the top software company in Bangladesh, Southtech, seems promising. The reason for this belief has to be the incredible year that Southtech had in 2019. 

Let’s look back at all the achievements that Southtech has gained in the year 2019. 

Achievements of the Top software company in Bangladesh in 2019

Everyone works hard to get great results. And when you see the results in numbers, the joy of the people involved gets doubled. Southtech also had quite a few moments of triumph in the year 2019. 

Here are a few of the most significant achievements of the best software company in Bangladesh at a glimpse: 

BASIS National ICT awards: 

BASIS ICT award for the top software company in Bangladesh

Firstly, we need to address Southtech’s Ascend Financials team who became the 2nd Runner-up in BASIS National ICT Awards 2019. As a top software company in Bangladesh, it was a great achievement.

Ascend Financials is designed for microfinance institutions to help them enable financial inclusion. This award was a great recognition for the entire Ascend Financials team to motivate them to work harder to reach more milestones.

To know more about our flagship service, Ascend Financials, watch this video. 

Southtech participated in the development fair hosted by PKSF: 

Participated in the PKSF fair

‘Development Fair’19’ hosted by PKSF (The Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation), was held on 14th November 2019. In this seven day-long fair, with many other PKSF program participants, the leading CMMI level 5 company in the country, Southtech, was present there as well.

Southtech exhibited their software solutions that have helped many microfinance institutes in the country like, RDRS, SSUS, Srizony, who work with PKSF, to help build a better future for the people in need.

Above all, the top software company in Bangladesh, Southtech has been working with microfinance solutions for more than 23 years now. So for them to be a part of the biggest microfinance fair in the country was a great accomplishment. 

With their Ascend Financials Solution (AFS), they are now helping their clients with branchless banking, offline and online data collection services, customizable solution, and many more. This product is helping MFIs to enable financial inclusion. 

Inaugurated new office in Ashkona:

New office in Ashkona

2nd October 2019, Southtech Inaugurated its new office in Southtech Systems Limited (SSL) in Ashkona, Dhaka. 

The Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Southtech, Mr. Syed Mamnun Quader, officially launched their new office in Ashkona by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Sponsored the Microfinance Conference in Myanmar: 

Sponsored the microfinance conference in Myanmar

In 2019, Southtech proudly sponsored the Microfinance conference held at Myanmar. This was the first-ever Microfinance conference focusing on the development of microfinance in Asia. This one of a kind event brought different views under one roof and helped people understand microfinance better. 

Moreover, the two-day-long event had many enlightening sessions for people who want to explore the microfinance sector even further.  

NATP-2 sign up: 

NATP 2 sign up

NATP-2 signed-up an agreement for Southtech’s web-based accounting and reporting software that will help the Project Management run the program smoothly in their day to day transactions. This was a monumental sign-up for Southtech because, through this project, they can help the Government ensure better agricultural management. 

Government of Bangladesh Honored Southtech’s MD with CIP award: 

The CIP award

In September 2019, the Government of Bangladesh honored 182 people in business with CIP (Commercial Important Person) awards, and Southtech ‘s MD & CEO, Mr Syed Mamnum Quader, was one of them.

RDRS sign up:   

RDRS agreement sign up

The largest non-governmental organization Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Services popularly known as RDRS Bangladesh, signed an agreement with one of the leading software companies, Southtech, for their microfinance solution Ascend Financials in 2019.

Numerous media features: 

Southtech had numerous features in 2019. This helped make our mission to make Southtech a household name easier. 

NBR Enlistment: 

Got NBR enlisted

Southtech ended the year on an incredible note. Through their product, Easy Vat, Southtech is now one of the NBR enlisted software companies in the country. 

EasyVAT is a user-friendly, powerful automated VAT management system for manufacturer, trader, importer, exporter, and service performs having single or multiple BIN businesses.

Therefore, our EasyVAT is a complete solution for any small and large business to fulfill the multiple aspects of the VAT law as per the rules of the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Things to look forward to in 2020 from the top software company in Bangladesh: 

The success and achievements that Southtech has received in the year 2019 were just a trailer for what the company is eligible to achieve. To clarify, these achievements are motivating every Southtech member to work harder than ever to make 2020 the best year for the technology industry in Bangladesh. 

Above all, Southtech is now preparing to serve its clients with bigger and better software solutions in the year 2020. So let’s have a look at what are the things that Southtech has to offer you in the year 2020. 

Ascend Smart Lending: 

Launching ASL in 2020

So, Southtech, in the coming year, will introduce to you, Ascend Smart Lending, the smart way of lending money.

It creates the best loan options for customers to compare and choose from, based on their requirements meeting the institution’s ability standards. 

Similarly, Ascend Smart Lending increases financial institution’s capacity to manage more loans with less paperwork. It also provides a hassle-free loan disbursal for the borrowers- thereby lending efficiently and saving time. 

Moreover, this is an overall loan origination process that will help check loan status and application forms online within seconds. However, it doesn’t only reduce paper cost immensely but also narrows down the possibilities of mistakes.  

OTM (Online Training Module): 

Our online training module that will be launched in 2020 is a stand-alone training module. However, It is mostly targeted at companies who are looking to provide their clients something more than just their regular services. 

Before this service came live, we conducted the module for RDRS. And the incredible response that we received from them motivated us to build this service for different clients like MNCs, training companies, banks, and many more.

Social media engagements:  

Facebook engagement

Moreover, Southtech’s social media presence in the year 2019 was significantly high. In all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, there has been a meaningful growth in engagements. In the year 2020, we plan to reach even higher numbers. 

That is to say, we are planning to create content that not only helps our clients understand our products. But also is enjoyable for people who are not necessarily from the IT industry. 

Lastly, as we recollect about the moments of 2019, we realized that we had achieved a lot in the past year. And all the praise goes to the people of Southtech. They work day and night relentlessly to make things possible for our clients. 

2020 is here, and we are slowly reaching our mission to make Southtech a household name. Will we be able to meet our mission? 

Stay connected to find out! 

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