Human resource planning mistakes to avoid in 2020

HR mistakes to avoid

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Have you ever wondered if the human resource planning system of your company could be a little better? Or, as an HR professional, have you thought the existing plans could have some additional features to it? 

Then my friend, you are not alone. Every working individual, regardless of which department they belong to, often feel their human resource planning can be a lot better. 

If employees are the asset of an organization, then the HR department is the Bank that secures all these assets. 

So the planning of the HR department contributes a lot to the company’s overall success.   

How does human resource planning build a company’s brand?

HR plans need to be well-structured

It’s easy to not notice the achievements of the human resource side of your business when everything is going smoothly. But when even the smallest of inconvenience occurs, HR is the first department to get all the blame. 

Every business should learn the art of creating an HR plan that will align with the overall mission and vision of a company.

 Every department plays an integral part in ensuring the success of a business. Still, most companies ignore the achievements of the human resource department when other things are going on without any glitch.

The human resource department has many responsibilities to protect not only the company but also its employees. Many businesses have faced lawsuits after making the slightest mistakes, while others have damaged their reputation as a brand. 

Things to consider while creating human resource planning

Mistakes are bound to happen, but human resource departments need to be aware of them beforehand and avoid these mistakes to stay mindful of lawsuits and protect their brand. And to be aware of them, they need to consider a few things while creating the final human resource plan. 


Company goals and needs are the first things to keep in check while creating your human resource planning. The main reason for the existence of human resource plans is to meet the company’s goals. 

Every organization is different, and they aim to achieve various missions. A plan that suits the mission-vision of one company, isn’t necessarily going to work for some other company. It needs to be totally custom made according to their needs. 

Businesses should invest more in their employees through training so that they get to improve their existing skill sets. 

HR departments have a responsibility to not only train new hires but also ensure different professional training for both new and existing employees. Training helps people sharpen their talents and perform better for the company. 

Talent management is crucial

The employer can guarantee the employee’s maximum performance after training them during the onboarding progress, and this can benefit in talent management of the organization

Later after hiring the employees, the authority needs to introduce them to growth opportunities. Besides, it also ensures that employees feel valuable to the company. 

This motivates them to ensure maximum performance. HR managers must carry out regular performance reviews to ensure that the skills and growth opportunities reflect in their reports.

Mistakes people make while developing human resource planning

HR planning mistakes to avoid

At the end of the day, HR officials are humans.


They are bound to make some mistakes. Unless you are upgrading to software operating systems for your HR management, you don’t get to complain about some small errors that the HR department makes in data management. 

Keeping that argument aside, let’s take a look at the 5 major mistakes people make while developing human resource planning: 

  • Not implementing employee suggestions
  • Poor data management
  • Not taking advantage of technology
  • Relying solely on interview for hiring employees
  • Failing to document employee performance

Not implementing employee suggestions: As much as we all should let everyone do their job without any interference, sometimes small tips can come in handy. As human resource works for the betterment of every employee of the organization, incorporating employee suggestions that can add value to the existing system can be beneficial to everyone. 

Utilizing employee suggestions when necessary increases employee engagement because humans have a natural need to feel that their actions and ideas make a difference. It is a natural human behavior. Famous human development theorist Erik Erikson thinks that the primary developmental crisis of middle adulthood is termed as generativity vs. stagnation.  This is also known as a midlife crisis where the adult feels an intense need to create or nurture things that will leave a positive impact on the world. This will make the human resource planning even better

Some more influencing factors are:

Similarly, when employees see that their suggestions are highly valued, they feel important to the company. Then, as the implementation of their ideas take place, employees feel generative and productive, which then motivates them to work even harder. This is the reason why employees typically become more personally invested in their work when the authority implements staff recommendations. 

Personal contribution raises our attachment to any circumstances. As the employees recognize that their ideas can make a difference, they will often spend more time and effort to find ways to improve their working situation and performance. An innovative, contributing employee is an engaged employee.

Poor data management can ruin HR plans

Poor data management: Data management is possibly the most crucial task of human resource planning management. A recent study conducted by Visier stated that organizations with a high level of data management process financially outperform their competitors. This proves that business impact is a good indicator that companies will continue to invest in this better data management system.

HR data management is no longer just a compiled file of salary track records. It is much more than that. Today, it contains all sorts of information that is needed to run the HR operations smoothly. It involves organizational mission-vision, payroll and benefits, performance management, training and helping employees with all their day to day activities.

Not taking advantage of technology: Technology is the best asset that any organization can invest in. And when it comes to HR operations, a little help of the technological advancements can take you a long way. Data management can be a very complicated task, there is no denying that. Every HR official needs a system that can help them run the HR operations faster and smoother. This is where software companies like Southtech comes in. 

Southtech’s HR Software SCALED is a complete, fully automated Human Resource Management solution. Through this solution, every business processes are automated from onboarding to retirement.

Take advantage of technology

This online and web-based HR Management software allows you to efficiently manage all HR activities and significantly reduce administrative and operational costs. 

The feature-rich HR software solution consists of 11 modules that will help oversee a business’s HR operations. At present, the HR Software is successfully running in organizations that have between 60 – 100,000+ employees, which helps manage all things related to salary disbursement, increment assessment, provident fund described activities, recruitment, etc.

Big enterprises like BRAC, Sanofi, RDRS, AB Bank, Dhaka Bank are availing the benefits of this software and making their day to day HR operations run smoother than ever. 

Relying solely on interviews for hiring employees: Interviewing is one of the best ways to hire a new employee but that can’t be the only source of recruitment in the organization. Some of the other ways you can hire employees can be: 

  • Use social media- Contrary to popular belief, social media is not just for posting pictures and catching up on the latest gossip. Many social media platforms can be a great source of recruiting your next candidate. It allows you to share job posting with your entire network and start the conversation. 

Even if the people you reach aren’t your expected candidates, there is a high possibility that they might know someone who might be a good fit. Similarly, by sharing photos and videos from company events or the office life, you give potential candidates a glimpse into your company culture.

  • Implement an employee referral program- Successful people usually make a habit of surrounding themselves with other highly capable personalities. 

While many employees are probably already working with qualified contacts in their networks, a well-structured employee referral program can increase this behavior even more. By encouraging referrals with bonuses and appraisals, you can boost up excitement and further motivate your workforce to bring the best talent into your organization.

Make plans before time

  • Consider previous candidates- Sometimes even when the candidate is perfectly suitable for a position because some other candidate was just a little bit more ideal for the job, that person gets hired. 

When you’re hiring for a similar position, consider reviewing the resumes of past candidates. This is part of proper human resource planning 


These applicants are already familiar with your organization and may have picked up new skills.

  • Attend industry-related workshops- Workshops are a great place to build a network and meet new faces. There is no denying that job fairs can be helpful in finding qualified candidates.

However, industry-related workshops or events are also an excellent opportunity to meet inspiring industry professionals. These are the people who are interested in network and advance in their field. If you’re looking for an IT developer, find a local group or association focused on software development and attend local meetings. The most passionate candidates will quickly stand out.

Failing to document employee performance: No matter if you want to admit it or not, office politics is a real thing that happens. 

Nonetheless, things are changing for the better. Nowadays many organizations try to stay as transparent as possible with employee performance records. But still, because of not properly documenting employee performance, many employees can claim that their appraisal or bonus wasn’t fair. 

And if the authorities don’t have proper documentation of the employee performance then they can’t justify the decision. That is why having an automated documentation system is the best way to review employee performance. 

How can you create a better human resource planning

Ways to build better human resource plan

As the year is ending, this is the perfect time to reevaluate the HR plans of your organization. So let’s take a look at ways you can create a better human resource planning for the upcoming year. 

Review your organizational design: 

Your human resource planning should cover your overall organizational design. The things to consider here are, in-depth job descriptions, salary and benefits guidelines, clearer data documentation etc. As your business grows with changing market needs, it’s important to evaluate your organizational design on a regular basis.

Have a succession plan: Sooner or later, your business will face changes in management for sure. This is an unavoidable part of the natural growth of any organization. Employees will come and go but that doesn’t mean your business will stop. 

That is why every organization must have a succession plan. Now to explain what a succession plan is. It is basically a strategy for training and developing future leaders to address the necessary changes that occur when an employee resigns or retires. 

Set a gap analysis: Gap analysis is basically a method of analyzing the gap between what your organization’s wants and needs. A gap analysis takes into attention where your organization is at the moment.

Over time every business changes, it grows or goes through failures. It doesn’t matter what the current situation of your business is, a gap analysis helps you cancel out all the distractions and focus on what your organization actually needs. 

The human resource planning can sound very intimidating at first. This basically is the foundation of your business for the upcoming year. However, you don’t need to worry about that at all. Here at Southtech, we try to provide you with the best possible solution. Our solutions will make your human resource planning as feasible and realistic as possible.

Our experts are always there to answer any of your HR solution queries. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

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