Why Automation in 2020 should be your Ultimate resolution

Automation in 2020

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Automation in 2020 will change our perception of the world. Humans will make the most out of automation in the quest of enabling a more efficient and pleasant lifestyle.

We’ve heard how automation can ease our daily lives and make it more comfortable. But did you ever wonder how automation could make a better version of you too? Both in personal and professional lives? Because we only live once, and let’s not live it like we DON’T want it to be! Hold on tight and read on to know what automation in 2020 holds for us.

The world will move faster with automation in 2020

Did you know that you use nearly 20 hours every week on redundant unproductive tasks? By now, you are already used to spending less amounts of time with your family, and you don’t even have the time to care about balancing your life and work. Hobbies are only there as placeholders in your CVs, good health went down the drain and free time? Well, what’s that?

Productivity & Automation in 2020

The global growth was stagnant for a very long period until we invented the steam engine. This increased overall global productivity by 0.3 percent. By the time we reach 2060, automation-driven productivity growth is estimated to be around 1.4 percent.

More studies show that automation can handle close to 45 percent of the repetitive work.

Okay, I get it. Numbers may confuse you. It just might not make sense to you at all.

But being realistic, with meaningful automation, you can allot more of your precious time to automate higher-value duties. These may include developing new ideas, strategizing, and problem-solving. Say goodbye to micro-management. It’s time for adapting and digital living.

This is 2020, where there’s no time to be too comfortable. And at the same time, you can ensure a healthy life and worry less about the tasks you don’t enjoy doing. You don’t want to be left out when people around you start moving lightyears ahead with the power of automation technology. You could also be well and truly contributing to the global growth mentioned earlier.

Despite all the hassles, life should be simple. Yes, it’s never a walk in the park, but life should never be too complicated as well.

According to a recent poll of global data and analytics decision-makers conducted by Forrester,

  • 25% said their firm lacks an overall vision or strategy for automation.
  • 26% told us they face challenges with culture and change management.
  • 25% believe there are gaps in their organizational structure, alignment, and readiness.
Forrester Report on Automation

Automation in 2020: Behold a life surrounded by technology

In general, the term automation may sound quite daunting at first. But we are surrounded by automation everywhere. We don’t feel it anymore as we have grown so much used to it.

Car air conditioning systems, modern refrigerators, dishwashers, lifts and escalators, online food ordering, bus doors, or turning your home into a theatre – all of these now require just the push of a button.

These are things that we can do manually. But now that we have come to think of it, who even does these tasks manually anymore?!

From door locks with face detection security to utility bill payments from your phone – anything and everything is getting influenced by technology and evolving with time. Humans could not foresee advances in the tech field at such levels even ten years ago.

Living on the cusp of a new decade, we can only imagine how our life will change in another ten years or so.

What automation in 2020 has in store for us

How Our lives are changing with automation in 2020

Mushfiq is a smart guy. But he wants to be more intelligent, so he automated most of his tasks that could be automated.

He works for an advertising agency. His resolution for 2020 is to be smarter in handling everyday tasks while keeping the clients and his family happy at the same time.

The smart alarm on his smart wristband wakes him up at 6 in the morning. He can’t imagine a start to the day without having a cup of coffee. He can have his favorite coffee right after pulling himself out of bed, thanks to his programmable coffee maker.

His home automation features enable him to control his home experience, from making breakfast to organizing his whole day digitally with interactive voice commands. He now uses GPS to know which traffic-stricken roads to avoid on his way to the office. His car can drive by itself using automotive sensors so that he can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.

He pays his utility bills from the phone and orders his favorite pizza for lunch. He then proceeds to buy two movie tickets for the weekend with payments on the go.

Moreover, an app on his phone reminds him of his daily calorie intake. Poor old Mushfiq! He now needs to run for 4 km to make up for those three slices of pizzas he had for lunch. Working out with such apps and devices has eliminated the need for him to hire trainers. He can now work out whenever he is free.

Smart reminders keep reminding him of his daily tasks and make him aware of his assignments. He attends meetings on the go through video conferencing. As a result, productivity has increased manifolds.

Would automation in 2020 threaten human employment?

A common understanding is that digital integration in the workplace is the way to go in 2020. A lot of discussions and debates are going on about whether these disruptive technologies could eventually eliminate the need for human workers.

But what’s important is that there would be many tasks that just cannot be done well (if at all) by machines. Creative work, critical healthcare services, and responsibilities, depending on extensive communication and interaction, are some of the crucial areas in which we would need us, humans!

Compassion, human touch, and understanding is something that cannot be automated. Well, at least very shortly!


Humans have evolved and stood the test of time throughout many challenging times. The fact that often gets overlooked is that a digitally connected world can create more jobs in different fields of work. Automation will open up new boundaries and new opportunities that we may never have thought of only a few years ago!

What automation in 2020 will bring to humanity is more authority over its surroundings with more comfort in our daily lives.

What will affect automation in 2020 the most?

Your Workplace

Workplace automation is on the rise, and trends show that it will only keep growing throughout 2020. Responsible businesses must embrace automation to stay competitive in 2020’s market. People are gradually starting to believe that automation is not here to take away human jobs, instead makes them more efficient.

Still, some businesses are failing to think out of the box and realize the full potential of software automation in the workplace. Those who are leveraging on this opportunity are finding ways to improvements on innovative technology, productivity, employee satisfaction.

Everyday task completion becomes a piece of cake if you can reduce the number of steps involved. Imagine the time saved as well! The less time it takes to get your official works done, the more you get to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

We must understand that the promise of automating the workplace is not about replacing humans; rather, it focuses on the productivity increase of the employees. Smartly dealing with HR practices allows your people to forget about tedious processes, enabling them to focus on more important matters.

A simple portal is enough to automate specific HR work, such as answering questions about attendance, TAX, and salaries, recruitment, policy changes, leave balances, etc.

Southtech specializes in workplace automation. With proven solutions ranging from ERPs to retail POS or VAT management, they will have you covered in all areas of automation.

Retail & e-commerce
Retail at the cusp of automation in 2020

Retail & e-commerce are some areas that can benefit greatly from automation in 2020. Running an online business was never as convenient as it is now. E-commerce entrepreneurs can now digitize almost all of their business functions by integrating solutions on shipping, inventory, accounting, VAT, and so on. New business owners don’t need to get overworked with all the chores and can easily let software do the most challenging tasks. Better work-life balance? Ensured.


Automation in 2020 will make judgment-based decision-making more comfortable and more fluent. Contrary to popular ‘mis’belief, interpersonal communication skills will ascend to the next level with meaningful automation in 2020. The role of Artificial Intelligence in decision making can be huge.

Software Applications

Each day new applications are being developed. All these applications are being designed in a way that strives to make human lives simpler. Not only business, but our individual lives get influenced by multiple software/mobile apps every day.

Automation in 2020 will open new doors of innovation

Automation in 2020 will lead the way into a more integrated human life with your phone and apps. Of Course, we don’t want a life where nothing functions without automation. And the scope of actual social interaction is much less. But we have no other option but to adapt to it as the world gears up for a more digitally connected environment.

Machines and Robots

You can picture the industrialized world in the best way with Machines and Robots. Humans program robots to perform human tasks. Such machines will get more prevalence in daily lives in the coming decade as we see the growth of home automation systems, chatbots, and smart personal assistants.

The use of machines and robots is on the rise

Net Banking

Online banking has already made sure that you can do efficient banking from the comfort of your home. Transactions have become more relaxed and time-saving. The coming decade will show us even more opportunities where we can do efficient banking with more ease. Time can only say if brick and mortar banks will become obsolete or not.

Net banking with automation in 2020

Online Education

E-Education is the next-level when it comes to accessing information and educating ourselves. We have already grown used to learning and taking informative and educative courses through mediums such as Youtube. At the same time, e-books and online training and learning tools are becoming the new trend.

This is how we are making up for the worldwide shortage of teachers. Software and applications for on-the-job training will become more and more popular. Government institutions and industries like manufacturing and human resources will reap the most benefits out of such innovations.

Final words

Lastly, we, as human beings, have come a long way since the cavemen days. After so many centuries of innovation and discoveries, we have come to a point where we feel like the opportunities are endless.

How the world is adapting to technology

The world is adapting well and fast to the increasing levels of involvement of software in our daily lives. Our workplaces are getting more and more streamlined with the use of specialized software services. Managing between personal life and professional life will get more manageable by the day with the power of automation in 2020.

Let’s look forward to a smart new decade for humankind, where we will all get to explore more unique opportunities to make our lives simpler with better. Let’s welcome the decade of automation.

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