From Thimphu to Dhaka: An Unforgettable Experience

Land of the dragon - Bhutan

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Written by Phurba Wangdi

Like a tiger waiting for its prey, I was waiting for my flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh on 24th of August. A whole new segment of life waiting for me to explore “Golden Bangladesh”. As I waited for my flight, I could feel the adrenaline rush through my veins.

Bhutan is the land of the thunder dragon

The flight from Paro Intl. Airport to Hazrat Shahjalal Intl. Airport was very short, but it marked a milestone for me as it was my first visit to Bangladesh. It is not the flight that mesmerized me, but the place that I would be living for two months and eight days. Skipping all my flight details and arrival to Dhaka, I will start off with my first day at Southtech Limited.

Bangladesh is the land of the golden fields

Southtech is my first workplace and my first job as a programmer. Like a mother’s care, Southtech cared for me during my stay in Dhaka and provided me with the best possible working area. At first, I felt like an alien looking for a workplace to explore.

Later on, I was surprised with the work environment, where no one is considered as a senior or a junior, but treated as brothers and sisters. It is not your everyday cup of tea to see such a unique working place

Southtech Dhaka is not like other software companies that I know of. It is not like Google nor Microsoft, but it is on par with those companies. It is not the facilities that makes me say that, but Southtech itself makes me feel different. I always wanted to work for a company, where I would be given necessary attention to help me learn.

During my stay there at Southtech Limited in Dhaka, I met people who always helped me in every aspect that I needed to work and learn. That helped me to grow as a developer, as well as a person. Southtech provided everything that a beginner would need to learn about work ethics.

Working in Southtech, Dhaka

Talking about my boss – I would not call him that but rather a guide who encourages and understands you. He leads the company by working together with all our colleagues. I had never come across a boss talking with his staff individually, but he changed my views on how senior management can be. I can’t get enough words to describe a man who is a lot more than my words to begin with.

Bangladesh is indeed golden, for I can find different foods to taste and explore the culture that I know little of. Except for the traffic, I love Dhaka

Words cannot describe my gratitude to Southtech. It has provided me with a platform to learn and grow, and they have given me much more then I could have asked for. Learning starts but never ends and that is what Southtech has taught me. It is one of the most essential ethics I have learned as a person; something an employee should have.

It’s hard to describe but I know I have grown as a developer and as an individual. If you ever get to work with Southtech, I would say you are blessed.

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