Southtech holds seminar at Jahangirnagar University

1 August 2018

Southtech Ltd. had the opportunity on the 28th of July 2018 to visit the Jahangirnagar University campus, to speak with Business students, specializing in Human Resources.


The class which focused solely on Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS,) was instructed by Mr. Jahangir Alam, who is also currently employed and a 9 year veteran of the Eastern Bank Ltd. Human Resources Division. Southtech personnel had the opportunity to share experiences and prospects of the future.

“Southtech is an established name in the HRIS industry. Chances are you will encounter the SCALED system in your professional life,” said Mr. Alam during a demonstration of a prototype version of Southtech SCALED, Southtech’s proprietary Human Resource Management Solution.

“To be honest the session what you have taken was mind blowing and informative. We have learned a lot. We will try to arrange another session here in our campus at your convenience,” said Mr. Abu Sayem Rimon, a student in his final semester.

Students, instructors and professionals all agreed that practical learning is beneficial to the students, and much more knowledge can be retained if taught in context. For this reason, showing end reports, interfaces and process-flows generated by the SCALED system inspired enthusiasm among the students.

In the future Southtech hopes to conduct more specialized events for young professionals.

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