Southtech Internet Banking




Southtech Internet Banking is a proven Internet banking solution for retail and corporate banking customers. Built on new-generation technology, it provides a single unified view of the customer’s many relationships with the bank. The solution provides high flexibility for customization and robust security features. Southtech Internet Banking can be interfaced with any core banking solution.

Our Internet Banking provides banking customers real time access to their relationships with the bank such as account inquiries, fund transfers and local remittances. It enables them to make payments to individuals or institutions, and other general payments online. It also has a powerful engine, designed to help customers make their utility bill payments. In addition, the powerful alert system provides two-way multi-channel (SMS, e-mail etc.) alerts.

With our solution, your customers will be able to manage their finances whenever and wherever they want. Differentiate your bank through Southtech Internet Banking offerings and work towards gaining higher customer satisfaction.

The system itself is simple. The Internet banking services will be hosted on your Web Server with Secured Socket Layer (SSL). Proper levels of control are maintained to access available services and since it is a customized solution new services can be incorporated as per your requirements. The overall benefits of our Internet Banking solution include:

  • Heightened levels of security since only registered customers can login to their accounts using their credentials

  • Customers can view their account information, account balance and other information

  • Fund transfers occur against previously registered payees. Fund transfers within customer’s own accounts (Savings/Current) does not require registration, thus saving time

  • Transactional requests will be received from customers by confirming their secret code. The request can be processed and interfaced with any Core Banking Solution (CBS)

  • Online registration and validation

  • Web based account information and statement

  • Intra-bank and inter-bank fund transfers

  • Utility bill payment and mobile phone top-up

  • Requests of solvency certificate, cheque book, card and bank statement