Small Businesses and Mobile POS: Why It’s Convenient

Why Mobile POS for Small Businesses

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The mobile POS is an innovative digital payment system that is a perfect fit for present-day businesses. Moreover, it could be the best option for small businesses. But why? Well, a Point of sale (POS) system transforms the smartphone into a secure and easy-to-use payment terminal, allowing merchants to accept electronic payments via their smartphone’s Internet connection. Besides, It helps you manage your entire store online.

Despite the stop of Cashback, the growth of digital payments around the world does not stop, and according to data, it continues to record positive growth every year.

Payments with cards, mobile banking, and other electronic payment are also increasing in Bangladesh for purchasing in physical stores. However, the greatest growth in the sector is payments from smartphones using mobile banking.

Therefore, it is very important for every small business owner, including small shops, to adapt to a POS system and have a smartphone system that allows them to process payments, scan barcodes, and manage their store easily.  

Digital payments

The Growth of Digital Payments

If you look around, you will see that people around the world are leaning more towards digital payments. Even in villages, people are prone to pay with mobile banking because it is more convenient to carry a mobile phone than a money bag. Don’t you think this is a positive growth?

Of course! The profound transformation of the payments market is becoming favoured as an alternative instrument to cash, such as credit and debit cards, payment apps, and mobile payments, which promote the Cashless Society and represent a real opportunity for all merchants. Even small business owners who want to optimize their work, reduce costs and increase sales.

In fact, through the adoption of innovative and flexible solutions, such as the mobile POS, which usually is an online POS system with a mobile app capable of processing the new type of transactions and making the check-out phase simpler and faster. This way, merchants and freelancers can improve the customer’s experience and reduce the fixed costs related to the management of the activities.

What is Mobile POS?

The Mobile POS, wireless POS, or online POS system is an innovative digital payment system that allows you to accept electronic payments via your smartphone’s Internet connection and can be used anywhere, both in the shop and on the move, because it doesn’t need to be installed and doesn’t need of an electrical outlet.

How does Mobile POS work?

The operation is substantially similar to a normal terminal with a traditional system. Still, the innovation lies in the fact that, instead of using the fixed line computer, you can have a mobile app that connects directly to the main system via smartphone or tablet and make the payment using the internet connection of the device you are using (tablet or smartphone).

Accepting electronic payments with the mobile POS is simple; just adapt to the appropriate application, connect the payment device, log in to the system from your mobile device, scan the product’s barcode, and enter the transaction amount directly on the phone or tablet. At this point, the customer approaches the payment card or smartphone to the POS terminal and, if necessary, enters the PIN code to enable the transaction. And all this is possible only if you have an online cloud-based POS solution.

This type of portable POS, characterized by compact dimensions compared to classic terminals, allows customers to pay at any time and situation, even on the move. In addition, it can improve the shopping experience by sending instant payment receipts (via SMS or email).

benefits of mobile POS system

What Are The Benefits of Mobile POS For Small Businesses?

The advantages deriving from mobile POS are many, both for merchants and customers. The followings are some of the most important benefits of mobile POS.

Saving the Cost

The merchant or a small business, when in its earliest phase, needs to keep the expenses low to expand its business. And here comes a mobile POS system.

It helps you with considerable savings on business management costs, the possibility of using a single device for multiple operations (cash management, electronic invoicing, sending receipts via SMS or email, inventory management, and reporting), and the reduction of the space required for setting up the shop.

Furthermore, the mobile POS or online POS can be used at any time and place, both inside the point of sale and outside the commercial premises, thanks to cloud-based POS systems and the possibility of connecting it to the Internet via smartphone or tablet.

Ease of Using

Customers can also reap numerous benefits from using the mobile POS: payment is quicker and simpler, using cash is unnecessary, and you can have an instant payment receipt via SMS or email. Furthermore, the mobile POS allows you to make payments even on the move without necessarily going to the point of sale.

This is why choosing to use the mobile POS for your business can represent a unique opportunity to improve the efficiency of store management and the customer shopping experience:

It is easy to use and saves on installation costs: unlike the fixed POS, the Mobile POS does not need a fixed telephone line. The configuration of the device takes a few minutes and takes place through an application: this type of POS, in fact, does not require the installation of hardware or the intervention of a specific professional;

Exclusively Online Store Management

Another important benefit of a Mobile POS is its store management capability on the fly.

Besides, the complete management of the system, including the terminal and payments that take place online, can be managed remotely. Using the appropriate system, the merchant can quickly and easily view a dashboard that acts as a real cash register.

Furthermore, the most innovative mobile POS services also offer additional services, such as product catalogue management, archiving of electronic receipts, and activity monitoring, allowing you to consult the list of transactions in real-time and download them in a report.

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Simplify And Speed Up the Sales Process

Technology is extremely helpful for speeding up the business process, and POS solutions are another innovative system developed to make things faster for the retail industry. When it comes to small businesses, things are already fast. However, it could be faster with a mobile point-of-sale system.

People often think a POS solution requires an entire setup to function, but with an online POS solution, smartphone, and data connection, you don’t need any setup. You can function online through a smart device, making the payment and store management procedure more fluid and intuitive, improving the customer experience and saving time.

Increase Business Flexibility

Last but not least, flexibility in business is a very important thing, and it can help you make your small business leverage the limitless possibilities of technology.

With a mobile POS system or online POS system and the compactness of the mobile device, you can make transactions and receive payments from anywhere you want.

For example, if you have a portable business such as a mobile restaurant, you can actually run the management and payment process using your mobile device. So, it can be used at any time and place. And this flexibility could be a game changer for your restaurant business. No customers have to go away if they don’t have cash on them because mobile POS allows you to accept payments even on the move.

In short, due to the growing demand for cashless payments and hassle-free retail management, POS is gaining popularity. However, Mobile POS or online POS can be the future for small businesses because it can help you reduce costs, speed up your retail process and increase business flexibility.

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