Southtech to Provide Cloud-Based Microfinance Solution for RDRS Bangladesh

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RDRS Bangladesh has entered into a new agreement with Southtech to automate all of their branch operations with Southtech’s flagship Ascend Financials Solution.

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Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service, populartly known as RDRS, is an existing client of Southtech. They have been using one of Southtech’s revolutionary products – Ascend Banking Solution, since 2011.

RDRS is reducing poverty with microfinance

RDRS is now a major multisectoral development agency in Bangladesh. Its operations focused on the relatively disadvantaged northwest region. Currently, It provides development opportunities and services to 8,570,608 landless and marginal families in 22 districts and works with 385 community-based organizations (Federations) seeking to empower their grassroots members.

For the last nine years, RDRS has been functioning with the desktop version of the microfinance automation solution and helping our society get freedom from poverty, distress and ignorance in a sustainable environment.

RDRS field office in Bangladesh

However, through the sign-up that took place on Monday, 7th October 2019, RDRS will be upgrading from the desktop version to the cloud-based web version of the software system. As a result of this transition, data collection and everyday complexities of their work will reduce greatly. A 3 months long implementation plan is being processed to upgrade the software.

Syeda Wedad Quader, Director of Southtech, expressed jubilation and thanked the development teams for their hard work.

“We will be automating all their branches from Ascend Banking to Ascend Financials within a very short period of time.” – Syeda Wedad Quader

She went on saying that this project is a shining example of how reliable Southtech’s technical teams are and how robust the solution really is.

Ascend financials is your all-round microfinance software solution that will help you in ensuring financial inclusion through branchless banking, online/offline data collection services, reduced paper costs and a regulatory body-friendly solution architecture.

Apart from RDRS, Southtech also provides microfinance automation services to institutions like BRAC, Sajida, DISA, SSUS, PGMF, BC Finance and many more.

To know more about the solution, click here, or get in touch with us!

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