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Human Resource Management in the new generation

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There was a time when a Human Resource Management Software meant only to digitize specific HR processes in an organization. Well, not anymore!

Present-day human resource management software is not only confined to automating employee tracking/monitoring only. Modern-day HR has spread its wings to a new era of next-generation capabilities.

SCALED - leading HR Software in Bangladesh

Control or Engage?

Previously, HR functions within a company only entailed ways to control and manage employees efficiently. However, this has since transformed to cater to the ever-growing demand of creating a more inclusive workplace.

These days, workplace dynamics dictate how a company should go about their everyday processes. Work environments need to be more engaging and participatory to ensure the maximum output from your workforce.

85% of employees worldwide don’t feel engaged in their work. Only 15% feel engaged and derive fulfillment from the work they do.

Engagement in the workplace is crucial

People want to feel more involved and less micromanaged. Managing human resources should not be burdensome to the management. At the same time, it should be easy to use and operate for the users as well.

Traditional Human Resource Management Software functionalities like employee information keeping, e-recruitment, payroll – still carry the same or more importance. Additionally, complementary features or modules are needed to keep the ball rolling.

As the overall HR scenario evolves, the need for a smart HR architecture grows even more.

HRMS challenges in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we have seen many innovations in the field of human resource software throughout the past few years. Large enterprises are welcoming new technologies to digitize their current processes. From the company’s accounts to the tracking of vehicles, automation is leading to a large-scale increase in productivity and efficiency within an organization.

Human Resource Management Challenges in Bangladesh

Managing human resources gets more complicated and time-consuming as the business grows. The usual issues occur with scaling and workflow optimization.

In Bangladesh, the technological disruption in the human resources departments across industries has remained somewhat tame

The resistance to organizational change is a significant barrier in the region. Owners and managers don’t often see the bigger picture and fail to assess the Return on Investment (ROI) for technology adoption projects.

As a result, Bangladeshi companies are not being able to ensure optimum inclusion and output from the employees.

Some key challenges to be noted here are:

  • There’s a significant lack of investment in training and innovation
  • Companies are not entirely welcoming to new products and processes that require upgrading
  • There’s a tendency to invest less in research and development
  • Lack of foresight from the managers in regards to changing technical and operational trends
  • A lack of specified compliance guidelines and standard methods of process/workflow management in the human resource management software industry

Human Resource Management is evolving fast

Most of the formal organizations in Bangladesh do not have any human resource management software in place. Typically, such resistance comes from ignorance. Despite the ever-increasing buzz around computerization in the HR field, more than half of the companies in Bangladesh are still just in the wee stages of basic automation. In Bangladesh, HR tech adoption in start-ups and mid-level organizations are yet to take off fully.

It is seen that companies who embrace automation technology for their operational processes, grow much faster and develop over time than those not using any automation

The government of Bangladesh has taken many initiatives to encourage the use of digital applications and systems in the workplace as part of its “Digital Bangladesh” goal. There is also a notable rise in the number of software service providers in the local market as a direct result of the various policies taken by the government.

Interestingly, there is a perception in the Bangladeshi industry that there are not many “good-enough” locally produced software solutions in the country for HR.

The main reasons behind the establishment of this common notion could be:

  • The ‘’status’’ and ‘’image’’ attached to well-established foreign human resource management software ”brands”
  • A relatively higher sense of credibility

However, the major problems often faced by local companies using foreign HR software are:

  • Higher costs
  • Absence of proper support & maintenance mechanisms
  • Customization & Enhancements not Viable
  • Lack of communication

Through shifts in technological advancements and ever-changing needs, the HR scenario across the world is evolving by the day. Companies that are more focused on inclusive growth are always on the hunt for better people management tools.

Staying true to the famous saying – “Necessity is the mother of all inventions,” proactive enterprises tend to look for opportunities where they can merge enthusiastic engagement of the people with proper check and balance mechanisms.

Behold the next-gen HR Tech

Apart from the apparent mandatory software features that a growing organization must-have for their HR, there are also some other aspects of workflow automation that you should look into.

Data Driven New age Human Resource Management Software

It is the time to say goodbye to ‘human resource management’ and welcome the world of ‘employee experience’!

Employee experience is what makes an organization’s operations stand out from the rest. By ensuring an all-inclusive work environment, you can reduce your employee turnover by almost ten times and nurture a hugely motivated workforce.

The next-generation employee experience mechanisms

Employee Self-service

With employee self-service, HR executives no longer have to keep records of employee information; rather, it’s the employees themselves who submit, check, and update their data on their own. If you’re a human resource professional, imagine how much of your time gets saved because of this.

Any-time Learning

Traditional long, tedious, and extensive training sessions have ceased to work these days. This is the age of mobile learning. People like to work on the go.

With tools like mobile learning or e-learning, training employees can be so much simpler. Also, many people want to have the freedom to work remotely. While it is understandable that not every company can promote telecommuting on a large scale, working with freedom has its perks.

The challenge is to encourage employee empowerment and steer accountability at the same time. Mobile learning enables your workforce to train themselves at a time of their convenience.

Performance Feedback Mechanism

Performance feedback might not sound new to you. However, you might be facing troubles in the communication process and information exchange between your team members and managers.

This burning issue needs to be fixed at the earliest because based on the feedback, crucial operational adjustments need to be made. Integrating this into your existing HRMS enables you to track critical feedback and provide new goals and tasks accordingly.


e-signatures save time & paper

Get weeks of work done in days with e-signatures. Electronic signature is a life-saving blessing not only for the HR department but for the whole organization. Furthermore, they save time and money in addition to being easily traceable, time-stamped. With secure electronic signatures, you can optimize your work hours by saving loads of time and paper in getting approvals.

Culture and Productivity

Workplace experience dictates workplace efficiency. New age corporations are continually innovating and working on how to improve the workplace culture. If specific processes of this gets incorporated into the system, it enables the company scale at a much higher rate and become future-proof.


Self-appraisal, also known as a self-evaluation or a self-assessment, is the practice you would want your employees to internalize to reflect on their performance from time to time. Digitizing self-appraisal forms and processes help in optimizing time and minimizing operational costs. This practice also promotes inclusive learning.

Your Human Resource Management Software Essentials

Now, let’s go back to the basics.

Fundamentally, Human resource management software is defined as a platform to connect the dots between employee management and information technology.

Usually, this is done by a software solution, which automates individual process flows. Among the numerous processes of a mid-level organization, there are some which are mandatory to automate in this day and age. All the others can be left for future additions with the growth of the company.

These features/functionalities include:

  • Employee Records
  • Security and Administration
  • Leave and Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Appraisal & KPI
  • E-recruitment and Onboarding

Essential HRM Software Functionalities

Let’s elaborate on these a bit more:

Employee Records

Throw your files away and get organized with storing and managing important employee information smartly. With digital record keeping, you don’t need to worry about all the paperwork anymore.

This primary feature helps HR departments all around the world to save vital working hours and focus more on ensuring employee satisfaction, increasing overall productivity.

Security and Administration

Set your own user roles and monitor activities with the help of interactive reports. These features help build accountability within the organization. With pre-defined system set-up and parameterization, you can monitor login, log out, user activities, unauthorized access attempts and much more.

Leave and Attendance

Leave Module of HRMS

Applying for leaves and getting approvals have never been this easy.

With automated leave applications, employees can apply for leave and have a proper track record. Managers can verify and approve leaves on-the-go! Your HR department can get a helpful overview of employee attendance and keep absenteeism in check.

Payroll & Related functions

Modern-day human resource management tools have unique capabilities like- single click payroll generation, group salary processing, ability to make individual payroll adjustments, adjustments such as loan repayment, tax, PF and many more.

Appraisal & KPI

Employee appraisal and KPIs are one of the most crucial aspects of managing your HR efficiently. Manually handled and processed appraisal systems don’t work anymore. All that does is waste your staff time and effort, producing unfruitful results.

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs in short – mean the set of responsibilities and deliverables assigned to individual employees. Having them automated and monitored in real-time help in increasing the overall efficiency thousand folds.

E-recruitment and Onboarding

Online recruitment can be way more effective

With the advent of new-age human resource management software, companies are now able to create and manage their own job portals, post vacancies, take applications and hire the perfect fit for available openings. This way, the 21st-century employee experience starts from the very beginning.

The Way Forward For human resource management

Smart enterprises are evolving more and more these days with the rapid advancement of HR tech. Looking forward, companies might find themselves in the midst of more advanced HRMS integration requirements and invest in smart innovations even more.

Innovations in fields such as – learning and development, HR analytics, talent management, employee succession – powered by interactive reports and dashboards will usher in a new era of people management. 

Every company wants to get the best out of their employees. When it comes to the employee life cycle, the motto of new-age Human Resource Management can be summed up in just four steps:

Essential Human Resource Management steps

Hire – Value – Engage – Retain: “Hire the best applicants, value them accordingly, keep them engaged, and retain the best.”

A business owner has to keep in mind the needs of the entire company rather than just that of human resources. Proper research and development have to go into the analyzing of HR automation requirements.

Indeed, HR software tools don’t come cheap. However, you can’t put a price tag on the value it brings to your organization over time.

Some things are just priceless in life. A proper HRMS is one of them

Hence, adequate budgeting and prior calculation of ROI is of optimum importance.

Among the very few local Human Resource Management Softwares available for medium to large enterprises in Bangladesh, SCALED clearly stands out.

Southtech Human Resource Management Solution -SCALED

SCALED encompasses all the traditional people management tools and integrates them with the new age people-centric functionalities. Its ease of use and unique capability to adapt to changing needs has made it a trusted solution among established companies home and abroad. At present, SCALED is successfully running in organizations that have employees ranging from 60 to 100,000+.

Southtech SCALED is the best Human Resource Management System in Bangladesh

Southtech is one of the pioneers in the HRMS industry in Bangladesh. It has been successfully serving large corporations, MNCs, and banks from the beginning of the millennium. With a combined experience of over 300 years in the industry, the SCALED team provides top-notch support coupled with expert business analysis.

SCALED – Human Resource Management ensures:

  1. Deep thinking and design, before development
  2. Process re-engineering recommendations based on 23 years of experience
  3. Post-implementation support of the highest quality

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries about your Human Resource Management Automation plans. We’re always happy to help!


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