How Is CMMI Level 5 V2.0 Different From CMMI Level 5 V1.3?

Difference between v1.3 and v2.0

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Who doesn’t like leveling up in life? And when it comes to leveling up for your work, that is a different satisfaction that one can get. 

Everyone who is involved with the IT industry has an idea about what meaning CMMI Level 5 holds in the business. However, for the rest who aren’t familiar with the term, to explain in simple language, The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and behavioral model.

Leveling up in business

This helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviors that decrease risks in software, product and service development.

In the year 2008, Southtech became one of the first CMMI Level 3 evaluated companies in Bangladesh & was appraised at CMMI level 5 in 2017. This year, Southtech became the country’s first CMMI Level 5 V2.0 appraised software company for maintaining the best practices in quality and performance management.

As Southtech’s Software Production Department has recently been upgraded to CMMI V2.O from V1.3, we have practical knowledge of how different these two versions are from one another. 

Understanding these key differences will allow us to properly perceive how this shift will help Southtech to provide better service to its customers and maintain the best practices for quality and performance management at the same time.  

What is a CMMI Level 5 model? 

What is CMMI appraisal

The CMMI starts with an appraisal process that evaluates three specific areas: process and service development, service establishment and management, and product and service acquisition. It help improve performance by providing businesses with everything they need to consistently develop better products and services.

But the CMMI is more than a process model; it’s also a behavioral model. Businesses can use the CMMI to tackle the logistics of improving performance by developing measurable benchmarks, but it can also create a structure for encouraging productive, efficient behavior throughout the organization.

Let’s have a look at the differences between both the versions and how V2.0 adds value to the whole production process.  

CMMI V2.0 has the following changes from V1.3: (Info source CMMI official website)

Focus on Performance: 

New performance practices have been built into the model at all Maturity levels to emphasize and focus on improving organizational performance to recognize a more visible ROI.

This reflects the modern business climate where performance is key to the success of every organization—no matter their maturity level. With performance now built in at every level, organizations can plan a more methodical and step-by-step path to achieve better performance and high maturity.

Level 1 starts by addressing basic performance. This performance is built on as the practices go up in levels, with Level 2 practices including/subsuming Level 1, and practices from levels 3 to 5 building on lower levels to further evolve.

The performance report tied to each benchmark appraisal enables more effective awareness of organizational performance improvements.

CMMI Level 5 v2.0 model

source: CMMI website

Improved Usability & Integrated Guidance: 

Currently, CMMI Development V2.0 includes specific guidance to help organizations that use agile methods for development. It helps to strengthen their processes and scale their agile practices with a focus on performance. Additional content, like Safety, Security, and more is still to come.

Inclusion of Level 1 practices to enable new organizations to take incremental steps to improve and gain early success

Optional online format available to make content easily selectable and accessible

Multiple model appraisals will be easier to manage. With only additional model- or domain-specific content to be added once core CMMI practices have been implemented.

Easier to Understand and Access:

Easy to understand module

This will make CMMI V2.0 more accessible for non-native English speakers and easier to translate into different languages

Each Practice Area has an evolutionary improvement path where practices at one level build on the practices at the previous levels.

Licensed users will be able to view as much or as little of the model as is useful to them. Rather than scrolling through a PDF or flipping through a book, users can click and search to quickly. Licensed users will have access to all CMMI V2.0 model content currently available.

Improved Value and Reliability of Appraisals:

Improved business through CMMI v2.0

SCAMPI A appraisal (the previous standard method for process improvement) vs. Benchmark appraisal. Benchmark appraisals (replacing SCAMPI A appraisals) can result in a maturity level rating which is valid for 3 years.

Sustainment appraisals: 

sustainable growth

Sustainment appraisals (new appraisal class) entails a substantially reduced scope to check on process sustainment. It assists to ensure maturity is maintained over time.

Conducting a Sustainment appraisal can extend a Benchmark maturity level rating for an additional 2 years.

After the initial Benchmark appraisal, you may conduct 3 consecutive Sustainment appraisals.

SCAMPI B and C appraisals vs. Evaluation appraisals

The new performance-oriented appraisal method improves the reliability and consistency of benchmarks while reducing preparation time and lifecycle costs.

What CMMI Level 5 v2.0 does for a business? 

Grow your business

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Through this, the organization that is now in v.2.0 can increase customer satisfaction higher than ever before. The new processes give the right information to help the customers have a better experience than before.
  • Better performance: This latest version of CMMI Level 5 surely helps the services perform better than before. The new quality check system assures this.
  • Improved success with landing and retaining new clients: As the performance and service quality gets better, it directly helps to improve success with landing and retain new clients.
  • Better productivity and efficiency, which will create more profits: The CMMI Level 5 v2.0 helps organizations achieve better productivity and efficiency by helping them re-evaluating their processes which eventually leads to more profits.

For businesses who pass all these criteria and move forward to the latest v 2.0, this is a great success. With a simpler and modified version, Southtech’s software production can now prepare even better solutions for the users.

Southtech has achieved this latest level before any other organization in the country, this proves the quality of their products. 

Have more queries about CMMI Level 5 v.2.0? Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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