Financial Solutions

Reach the unreached…

Let small financial products make a BIG IMPACT

The financial industry landscape is changing faster than ever before. Modern technology is disrupting the way service organizations interact with their customers and do business. With advancements in communication technology, access to customers has now reached unprecedented levels resulting in changing consumer behaviour, preferences and opportunities. Southtech’s Financial Inclusion products help bridge the gap between the economically vulnerable, unbanked and financial service providers.

The solution stack satisfies the needs of retail, corporate and development banks, MFIs, NBFIs, Cooperatives and micro-insurance organizations. A comprehensive alternative delivery channel (ADC) allows expansion of financial inclusion services. Pluggable mobile and internet banking, card payments, mobile wallet and ATM services are therefore within the scope of our offerings. Additionally, comprehensive device-based branchless banking allows you to offer services to your end clients in remote locations. You therefore not only retain your existing customers more successfully but you also gain new capabilities to reach the unreached. Our core ethos is to simplify the complexities faced by our customers so that they can improve their customers’ journey.

Our core solution employs a highly flexible and unique hybrid architecture. While originally designed for centralized core banking, an optional feature allows real-time operations as well as offline transactions with periodic update from remote locations. Additionally, the solutions’ operational and configuration flexibility ensures your ability to comply with existing as well as changing financial regulations. These features are particularly useful in fast-growing developing nations.

Southtech’s financial solutions include several integrated yet separable financial products. These products can be used as a whole or in any combination as per the needs of the customer.


Financial Products