Southtech Help Desk Ticketing System

Establish seamless communication with Southtech Help Desk Ticketing System (HDTS) and make sure every issue gets resolved.


Southtech Help Desk Ticketing System (Southtech HDTS) is a web-based support request tracking system for any type of Help Desk. This system’s mission is to enable nearly effortless support request submission and tracking, with as little overhead and complexity as possible. Southtech HDTS is efficient and designed to do only one thing, facilitate communications between help desk staff and end users. The overriding design goal is to be as simple and frictionless as possible for both users and help desk staff.


The system generates a unique ticket ID through which the user will be able to track the status of the requested service. Through a user-defined workflow system, tickets are automatically directed to a pool of support staff or an individual staff member depending on the type of support requested. In case of a pool of support staff, the top case is automatically directed to the support staff available to provide support. A Super-Admin will be able to monitor all the tickets and their resolutions. Different types of graphical and MIS reports are available, such as, support staff performance, ticket details, policy compliance etc.

Southtech HDTS is a very responsive system and is compatible with all mobile phones, tablets as well as with any HTML 5 compatible web browser.


An organization using Southtech HDTS can expect to achieve the following key benefits:

  • Improved productivity through managing all customer complaints or support requests in an efficient manner

  • Increased customer satisfaction as service providers can respond to customer requests on due time

  • Elimination of unwanted requests by controlling user permission and role

  • Improved policy management by applying service delivery parameters through the system