Top 5 Providers of Hosting Services in Bangladesh

hosting services in Bangladesh

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If you have a business, you should know the importance of a website. Few may think that websites are luxury. But you must understand that website is a necessity because you live in a digital era where the internet is the greatest medium to connect with people. And the quality of the connection depends on reliable web hosting. In that case, most individuals and businesses decide to go with international hosting providers. But what if you can get hassle-free and dependable hosting services in Bangladesh? Let’s talk about Bangladesh’s top 5 hosting service providers that assure better performance and security at an affordable cost.     

Why Choose Hosting Services in Bangladesh?

You may think that hostings from international hosting providers are secure and rewarding. It is not like that; it is not more rewarding to take a hosting in Bangladesh than to have it outside. Because there are multiple benefits of having hosting services in Bangladesh.

Data centre in Bangladesh

Better Organic Positioning

If your target audience is in Bangladesh, you better have your website hosted here. Because Google better positions the websites hosted in the same country as where the search is carried out. Besides, it also improves the positioning if your site loads faster.

Geographic Proximity

For some time now, Google has prioritized geographic proximity when displaying search results. Therefore, Google shows your business website first to users who are physically close to you. Besides, it also considers if your website’s IP address is in the same country as the person who is searching.

Web Response Time

Your website will load faster in the browsers of visitors from Bangladesh since there will not be as much latency as if your website is on a server in the United States.

Data protection

Comply with the Data Protection Regulation

If you host your website in Bangladesh, your hosting provider will be subject to the same data protection law as your company follows. Hence, it will help you avoid many regulatory issues that could happen with international hosting providers.

Technical Assistance in Bengali

Communicating with the provider for any issue in English is currently not a problem. But it is much more comfortable to do so in Bengali. 

Faster Technical maintenance

Hosting providers make updates on the servers periodically. If the providers are in Bangladesh, they will do so at off-peak hours. So, your operation will be less affected by the maintenance. Besides, if your site falls into trouble, you can get help more quickly.

In short, a data centre in Bangladesh is the safest option you can take. I hope you understand why you should hire hosting services in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Hosting Services in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a growing economy; thus, the internet user base is growing rapidly. As a result, more businesses are shifting towards online business models. Therefore, the demand for hosting services in Bangladesh is growing. Many IT service providers are stepping forward with their own hosting services. And we are going to list the top 5 hosting providers according to service quality, security and overall popularity.


sKloud hosting packages

1. sKLOUD-Best Hosting Service for Corporate Clients

sKloud is the best web hosting service provider in Bangladesh. Unlike many others, it has its own world-class data centre in Bangladesh. Most importantly, its data centre ensures robust security with optimum performance and maximum efficiency. sKloud provides services to enterprise and corporate clients along with the business of all sizes.

Southtech Group, one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh, owns sKloud data centre. sKloud’s world-class servers and the latest technology ensure the lowest latency. Moreover, it uses top quality hardware from leading technological OEM. You also get 24/7 dedicated support from expert professionals. More importantly, sKloud maintains SLA standards.

Storage and hosting plans:

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Premium 

Besides, they are also providing clients with shared and semi-managed hosting services.  


2. ExonHost

ExonHost is one of the leading providers of hosting services in Bangladesh. Initially, they are known for their versatile and affordable hosting packages. Starting back in 2009, it is now one of the largest hosting service providers for individuals and small businesses.

Based on good quality hardware, they can provide high-quality services. They also have a good customer support team. Thus, they can help you migrate your site for free. In addition, the payment methods are very convenient. You can make payments through various card options, bKash, and Rocket.

Hosting Plans:

  • Shared
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Reseller
Hosting Bangladesh
Hosting Bangladesh

3. Hosting Bangladesh

Most probably, Hosting Bangladesh is one of the most common names in hosting services in Bangladesh.  It provides hosting services for corporate, e-commerce and small businesses. They have become popular because of the reasonable hosting packages and better customer service.

Though they do not accept bKash or Rocket, you can make payment with your Visa and MasterCard in Bangladeshi currency. Currently, they have many hosting plans that fit everyone’s bill.

Hosting Plans: 

  • Dedicated
  • VPS Server,
  • Reseller,
  • WordPress,
  • Corporate
  • SSD
Host Ever
Host Ever

4. Host Ever

Host Ever started its journey in 2011. And now they are one of the top 5 hosting services in Bangladesh. With their market-leading technology, decent customer service and flexible payment method, they have got great popularity. In addition, they are providing a wide range of packages with secured and reliable services for customers of all types. You can make your payments through all kinds of credit and debit cards and multiple mobile banking platforms.

Hosting Plans:

  • Corporate
  • SSD
  • Budget
  • Advance
Web Host BD
Web Host BD

5. Web Host BD

Web Host BD is another popular name contributing to the hosting services in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 2012, and now it provides services at an affordable cost. It is a good option for all the individual customers because their hosting plan starts at BDT 1000/yearly. In addition, they have a good customer support team. Furthermore, you can purchase your plan with various payment methods, including major mobile banking platforms.

Available Hosting Plans:

  • Shared
  • Dedicated Server
  • Reseller
  • VPS

We hope now you know the top 5 providers of hosting services in Bangladesh. In general, They provide secured and high-performance services to corporate, enterprise, e-commerce and personal hosting for the Bangladeshi market. But before choosing one, you must know if they have their own data centre in Bangladesh.

Need to Host Your Website in a Bangladeshi Data Center?

Check Southtech’s sKloud hosting plans now!

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