Top 5 CMMI Appraised Companies in Bangladesh

Top 5 CMMI Appraised Companies in Bangladesh

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People often search on Google about the top CMMI appraised companies to find the best IT service partner because CMMI certification indicates higher quality.

If you are one of them looking for a CMMI company in Bangladesh, we are here to help. But before we get to the list of CMMI software companies, we need to know why CMMI companies are?

Why CMMI Companies?

Do you know what CMMI stands for? Let us make it clear for you.

CMMI stands for “Capability Maturity Model Integration”. In the IT sector, it is the most prestigious certification for quality assurance. Moreover, it has five levels, and each of them has two sub-levels, usually called versions.

The certification and the appraisal process are fully controlled by CMMI Institute, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA.  

But the question is, why would you choose a CMMI company?

Long story short, CMMI appraised IT service providers are the certified best in the market. And they ensure the best possible efficiency in software development.

On the other hand, CMMI appraised companies provide the best quality software on a budget.

Last but not least, their software has the best ROI, which is the most convincing factor for you to choose CMMI certified companies. 

What is CMMI appraisal

Are you still confused about how CMMI ensures quality?

Well, CMMI is a process model, and it gives guidelines to IT service providers to implement the best method for software development. Since their models are very effective, it helps increase productivity and quality. Besides, software companies can also reduce costs because of higher productivity.  

But when it comes to non-CMMI companies, do not have any specific models or methods for development. So, I guess you can understand the differences between CMMI and non-CMMI companies.

Top 5 CMMI Appraised Companies in Bangladesh

We all know that Bangladesh is a rising IT hub, and thousands of IT companies have opened in the last couple of decades. However, finding the best IT partner from the crowd is tough. So, a lot of people look for CMMI appraised companies. At least, CMMI companies can assure quality and on-time delivery.  

Yet, another question remains, whom to choose while there are many CMMI appraised companies in the country.

It is simple, choose according to the maturity level. Don’t worry. You don’t need to run extensive research to find them; follow the list below in Bangladesh.   

Southtech cares about quality of service through implementation of best CMMI practices

Southtech Limited

Southtech Limited is one of the largest software companies in Bangladesh. With 28+ years of experience, it has developed the country’s IT infrastructure and continues to do so.

Most importantly, Southtech is the first CMMI Level 5 V2.0 appraised company in Bangladesh. The CMMI institute appraised Southtech’s software production department back in 2020.

Moreover, Southtech’s history with CMMI goes back to 2008. It was the first CMMI Level 3 company in Bangladesh then. And after its level 3 status, it received its Level 5 appraisal in 2017.  

From Microfinance solutions to HR software, Southtech has been providing solutions for various industries. In particular, Southtech has one of the best, most successful and award-winning Microfinance Software named “Ascend Financials”.

When it comes to HR solutions, Southtech’s “SCALED” is one of the best in the market. And it has been serving many companies making their HR operations effortless.

The company also provides e-Commerce solutions, loan origination software, VAT software and Insurance Management solution. Besides, southtech has several other IT services that are the best in the country.  

Computer Networks Systems Limited

Computer Networks Systems Limited is the second CMMI Level 5 V2.0 company in Bangladesh, appraised in 2021. It is also one of the largest IT service providers in the country.

Being established in 1992, CNS Limited is working to optimise various industries with types of technology solutions. From HR to the Point of Sale (POS), ticketing to the toll management system, CNS has gained its reputation for their solutions throughout the nation.

To be more precise, CNS Limited has a Mass Transit Ticketing system, Toll management system, billing solutions, RFID smartcard system, etc. Moreover, CNS is one of the largest IT solution providers for the Bangladesh government.  

Golden Harvest InfoTech Limited

Among the top 5 CMMI appraised companies, Golden Harvest InfoTech Limited is one. Moreover, it is one of the largest software solution providers in the country with many solutions.

Though the company has been in the market for a long time, its software development division has received CMMI Level 3 V2.0 status this year.

Starting back in 2000, Golden Harvest InfoTech Limited has made its name for its advanced software solutions. They provide all kinds of services, including web and app development, EdTech and Fintech software development, and other IT-enabled services. On the other hand, they also provide BPO and system management services.

Dohatec New Media

Dohatec New Media is one of the top CMMI appraised companies in Bangladesh with multitudes of experience in the IT service industry. It received its CMMI Level 3 V2.0 status in 2020.

With 25 years of experience in the IT service Industry, Dohatec New Media has contributed to the growth of the IT infrastructure of Bangladesh, and it continues to do so.

From Biometric solutions to e-governance, from security to knowledge management, Dohatec New Media has achieved its name in the market. Moreover, it is also doing several government projects that facilitate millions of people.  

Dohatec New Media

ServicEngine Limited – SEBPO

SEBPO, formerly known as ServicEngine Limited, is another CMMI appraised company in Bangladesh. The company started its journey in 2006 based in New Jersey. Since it is an outsourcing company, it opened its delivery office in Bangladesh the same year.

When it comes to CMMI appraisal, SEBPO’s software development unit received its Level 3 V2.0 status last year as ServicEngine Limited.

Currently, the company provides services in various aspects, including Ad operations, creative services, data solutions, media planning and quality assurance. Moreover, besides USA and Bangladesh, SEBPO has another delivery office in El Salvador.

According to CMMI Institute, there are more than 20 CMMI appraised companies in Bangladesh, among which Southtech Limited and CNS Limited have Level 5 V2.0 certification, while only 3 have Level 3 V2.0 status. I hope this helps you choose your IT partner if you intend to go with a CMMI company.

Looking for a CMMI Level 5 Appraised Company?

Explore Southtech’s Solutions and Services

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