The Best Payroll management systems in Bangladesh in 2022

Best Payroll Management Systems in Bangladesh

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From recruitment to employee evaluation, HR managers perform a lot of tasks. And a few decades ago, those tasks were critical and time-consuming.

But today, everything has been simplified by technology. You need to click a few buttons, and your reports are ready. 

We would say that HR software or payroll software is a blessing for businesses. It automates your entire business journey and helps you focus on other important things.

Moreover, it saves a significant amount of time and workforce, saving you operational costs. To be precise, a payroll system has a lot of benefits we cannot cover in a single article.

Due to its countless benefits, more and more businesses in Bangladesh are adapting to it. But one thing still remains troublesome ⁠— the search for the best payroll management software.

So, we thought we would list the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh to help you find the right one.  

Why Do You Need Advanced Payroll Management software?

Choosing the right payroll management software is very important. For some reason, it decides the efficiency of your office operation.

There is no doubt that people management is one of the most critical jobs in the world. And your HR department always deals with people. But nothing feels complex if you have a payroll management solution.

HR solutions or payroll software helps you keep your team small. If you don’t have software, you will need a big team to handle all those work.

Furthermore, since it requires less workforce, you can save a significant amount of money. On the other hand, it does not require less stationery, which benefits you by reducing the paper and stationery costs.

But know that every software does not have equal benefits. For higher efficiency, you need an advanced payroll solution.

However, it is not easy to choose the right solution for your business. And to find out the best for you, you need to check a few solutions thoroughly.

To help all the HR managers and companies, here is a list of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh.    

The Best Payroll management Systems in Bangladesh

Despite being a small nation, Bangladesh is one of the most progressive IT hubs globally. So, there is an overwhelming number of IT companies. Besides, many of these companies have developed HR products for business.

So, we dug deep and picked some of the best payroll management systems for 2022. Let us remind you that you must choose yours according to your need and the software’s benefits.

SCALED - the best payroll management system in Bangladesh.

SCALED – Southtech Group

SCALED is one of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh. And it has tons of features that help its customers maximize their operation.

It can do everything your HR team requires, from smart recruitment features to employee evaluation. Moreover, this software is developed in 12 comprehensive modules for the best outcome.

Due to the separate modules, SCALED is one of Bangladesh’s most flexible HR and Payroll systems that offer you further customization. So if your business needs a customized solution, you can do that with this software.

It is an award-winning product from Southtech Group, a leading software solution provider in the country. The company has specialized software solutions for several industries, including financial services.

We also need to highlight that Southtech is Bangladesh’s first CMMI Level 5 V2.0 software company. So, SCALED is a product of a CMMI company with a huge reputation in the market. Therefore, SCALED can be the right choice for your company.

Lines Pay

Lines Pay is another good HR and payroll software for small and medium-sized companies. It simplifies the HR work process very well. And with it, your HR team can work with ease.

Lines Pay offers you the functionality of running on the independent platform and consolidated data management. In addition, it provides features like recruitment management, payroll generation, organogram management, real-time reporting etc.

So for your HR operation, it is a good software to check. Divine IT Limited, a leading IT service provider in Bangladesh, developed Lines Pay to contribute to IT growth in Bangladesh.  

Jibika plexus is one of the top Payroll management systems in Bangladesh

Jibika Plexus

Jibika Plexus is another software on the list of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh. It has a good reputation in the market for its features. Like Southtech’s SCALED, Plexus is also a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

It comes with many necessary features that can help your company. In particular, it can reduce your HR team’s work significantly. On the other hand, it can also help you reduce paper usage by 75%.

In addition, with Jibika, you have two different options — Jibika Desktop HR & Payroll and Jibika Cloud Payroll. So, you can choose according to your need. But if you want to continue working online, you must go with the cloud payroll option.   

Smart Pay – Zaman IT

Smart Pay is a human resource management solution from Zaman IT. The payroll solution has enough to offer for complete HR operation.

Be it a big organization or a small one; you can utilize this solution to optimize your business. Smart Pay offers a wide range of features, including easy payroll generation, provident fund management, and salary deduction.

Moreover, with Smart Pay, you also have top-notch security and data protection. Because it is a cloud-based HR solution, you can access your company data anywhere. So, based on its features and benefits, it comes to the list of best payroll management systems in Bangladesh.    


ROOPOKAR HR software has gained a good name in the human resource management solution category. And due to its offered benefits, it is one of the top payroll management systems in Bangladesh.

With Roopokar HR, your office operation becomes easy because it has all the features you need. From job posts to increment management, you do everything very easily. Moreover, it provides good security features to keep your employee’s data secure.

Systech HR & Payroll

Systech HR & Payroll is another addition to the list of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh. It provides a decent amount of features for all your HR works in a simple dashboard. And it is a good tool to ease the entire HR operation for your team.

It is a simple yet advanced solution from Systech Digital Limited offering one-click payroll processing. Besides, you can also generate reports and an accurate salary sheet in fewer clicks possible.  

Like Southtech’s SCALED, Systech HR is also developed in modules for better functionalities. Besides, it provides opportunities to customize the solution according to your need.

Syntech HR & Payroll

Syntech Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh. The company provides ERP, POS and HR solutions for Bangladeshi companies. According to their HR and payroll system facilities, we can consider this one of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh.  

With the software, you can manage your HR work very easily because it has all the features needed for a mid-range business. Moreover, the software has several modules for different functionalities, including employee profiles, payroll, training, recruitment etc.

Soft IT HR Payroll

Last but not least, Soft IT HR Payroll is an HR & Payroll solution from Soft IT Security Limited. The company has several other software products, including POS and accounting. But among all the software, they have one of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh.

From user management to employee evaluation, you can do everything easily. It has an intuitive and easy interface so that your employees can do their work without having much experience.

Soft IT HR Payroll might be the best payroll system for employee termination and resignation because it has separated all the related processes into different modules — termination, resignation, and retirement modules.  

There are many payroll management systems in Bangladesh, but not all fit your requirement. So, this list of the best payroll management systems in Bangladesh includes some of the innovative and feature-rich HR & payroll systems. And we hope it will help you choose the right software for your company.

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