Mobile App UI/UX design Essentials to Boost Performance

Mobile App UI/UX design Essentials

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Mobile app UI/UX design is a common trend in the world of information technology. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design remain big challenges for app development. But it is not to forget that your app’s success is highly dependent on a better UI/UX design.

To get success and boost the performance of mobile apps, designers need to follow some basic UI/UX design essentials. This blog will discuss some critical UI/UX design fundamentals that lead to frictionless and well-conceived UI/UX design for mobile apps.

Why Performance Matters for Apps?

It is needless to say, for better engagement, better performance has no alternative.  

For every business, the primary goal is to create higher revenue. When it comes to digital products, visitor interaction becomes a top weapon to increase sales. The more your app engages customers, the more you grow in sales.

According Forrester,

A frictionless and well-conceived UI/UX design can increase the conversion rates up to 400% for a mobile app.

For better customer engagement, your app must perform well. The term ‘performance’ refers to several aspects of the app. However, the initial targets of the performance are loading speed, customised experience, useability, and aesthetics, but there are many other factors to boost the performance.

So how do you improve your Apps’ performance?

Better understanding of customer persona and strategic UI/UX design!

Competitive analysis

In today’s world, competition is very high, and just a conventional app design won’t do any good. You may have a great product or business that depends on a mobile app, but you will lose customers if that is not well designed.

“Bad mobile optimisation annoys 48% of users.”

(Think With Google)

So before your app ends up with a bad user experience, you must understand the importance of UI/UX design for mobile apps.

Speaking of a better user experience, it is not easy.

It will help if you put hundreds of hours of research to understand your customers first. Then, the knowledge and information you have from that research must be incorporated into the UI/UX design. Again the blending of data has to be very strategic.

There is an exciting statistics by Business Insider that says,  

“You are 279.64 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than click on a banner ad.”

We hope this one statistic makes things a lot easier to understand the online businesses and customer persona.

Now we understand how UI/UX affects your app’s performance and the business, we can dive into mobile app UI/UX design essentials.

Mobile app UI/UX Design Essentials to Focus

Striking the right balance between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is the fundamental rule for designers. An outstandingly balanced UI/UX design is not completely visible to users. But it works like a hypnotic tool that hooks users for a long time. Eventually, users are convinced to buy products that would not have been possible with a simple design.

You need to maintain few design fundamentals to put balance between UI and UX design.

1. Simple is Gorgeous

Simplicity is on top of everything. We have heard several times that simple is gorgeous, and it’s true.

Simple is gorgeous

For a captivating UI/UX design, a simple interface is a must. Owners or planners often instructs designers to design apps or websites depending on their traditional belief. Many also believe that more texts, more information. And more buttons means more engagement. But that is not the case, how things operate today. Even a lot of apps need manuals or tutorials to understand how it works.

So, when you are designing your apps’ user interface and user experience, make sure it is simple enough for users to understand in the first visit without any manual.  

UI/UX trends is another most important aspect of mobile app UI/UX design essentials. Designers need to be better informed about the present design trends that improve engagement. So, researching current trends is an integral part of the designing process.

To boost your app’s performance, you must blend the latest UI/UX design trends for mobile apps. Besides, it is also mandatory to incorporate trends that continue for a long time. To stand out in the market, you can also create your trend strategically.  

3. Carefully Choose Elements

Unique and simple elements make mobile apps more interactive. Thus they are the performance booster. When choosing elements, you should make sure of higher clarity so that your customers don’t get confused.

Carefully Choose Elements

For a better user experience, you should not forget about your target group while using elements. At the same time, you have to make sure that the element or microelement contributes to user engagement.

Using familiar elements and technology are very important here. It will ensure that your users are already introduced to the entire process.

For example, like and dislike buttons on Facebook were the game-changer. It increased user interaction massively.  

4. Speed is the Heart in Mobile app UI/UX design

In online businesses, competition = speed.

When competition means speed, success depends on how fast your digital products load. For Mobile app UI/UX design, speed needs particular focus. And every other aspect of these fundamentals must keep up with speed.

According to Google, “53% of visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

So, you must consider that the speed is the bitting heard of the app. Thus, you must not use any element on your app if that slows your app down.  

We have already discussed simplicity over mass for UI/UX design. Keeping your app more simple comes the benefit of making it more speedy.

5. Make Your Design User Focused  

Providing a better user experience is the primary goal of UI/UX design. Thus, your mobile app UI design must focus on your particular target group.

Make Your Design User Focused

For example, your target group is teenagers. So what should be your design approach? You wouldn’t incorporate something that the aged group will like. Rather your design approach should be colourful yet interactive and straightforward.

To make your design work for any particular group, you need to select everything strategically. From elements to the purchasing process, everything needs to be interactive and hassle-free.  

6. Keep Natural Flow in Navigation

Navigational inconsistency leads to customer dissatisfaction. Thus, keeping the entire navigational process clear and natural is essential.

Your mobile app UI/UX design must ensure that users are on a natural flow while scrolling. Even you have to make sure the design has a nice flow while taking to other pages.

The colour combination, buttons, and other elements, everything must have harmony. So in this design fundamental, your whole app should feel like a well-written story that engages people until the end.  

7. Focus On Aesthetics

One of the major challenges is to keep everything simple and speedy but aesthetically pleasing. A significant number of users go with the look of the app. An app designed with a seamless aesthetic will be able to engage more users than others.

Though it does not boost performance on a functional ground, yet it increases brand value. Moreover, an aesthetically designed user interface and user experience make things more enjoyable for users.

User interface and user experience design are the essential parts of successful app development. And, to maximise the performance, mobile app UI/UX design fundaments need to be maintained. In short, simplicity, speed, user-centric design and aesthetics are some of the most crucial design fundamentals that leads an app to success.

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