How ‘core values’ define Southtech as The top IT company in Bangladesh


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The success of a business is a result of its dedication towards the betterment of its community. Moreover, beyond the obvious world of revenues and profits, a good company will always think about contributing to the development of the industry it serves. Southtech is the leading IT company in Bangladesh. Therefore it has always been mindful of its responsibilities towards society since its inception.

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Digital transformation has been pioneered by Southtech in Bangladesh. We have seen transformations in a variety of fields. Specifically, these include microfinance, retail, human resource, and so on.

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Performing in the face of a global crisis

Even in the times of a severe virus outbreak around the world, Southtech still keeps up to is promises. Southtech has built an excellent ‘Work from Home’ framework. Besides, all of the company’s 240+ strong workforce are managing their office work from their respective homes.

Southtech deploys a proactive approach towards looking after its employees and clients at the same time. Nevertheless, working in such challenging conditions is definitely quite difficult.

The surroundings are unforeseen. In addition, the whole economy is going through a massive paradigm shift due to the virus pandemic.

Southtech is one of the first businesses in the country to quickly adapt to such sudden changes. In fact, remote working is not an easy task when it comes to a large software company like Southtech. Moreover, it comes with its fair share of risks.

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However, the people of Southtech showed great character in the face of crisis. Most importantly, their ability to being able to successfully manage all sorts of official responsibilities even while staying at home – is applaudable.

Effecting change as a responsible IT company in Bangladesh

Southtech’s passion for impacting positive change is further fueled by its core values. Southtech believes and lives by a set of core values. These core values establish Southtech as a progressive thinking software company.

Core values can be defined as the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These are certain guiding principles that dictate behavior among people. Similarly, it helps them understand the difference between right and wrong.

Apart from the ethical part of it, the core values also help the people of Southtech conduct their work in such a way that ensures full client satisfaction.

“For a smooth transition to the ‘work from home’ framework, what helped us the most is our strong belief in our abilities and all of us sticking to our core values.” – Md. Iqbal Hossain, Senior HR executive, Southtech.

This is why it is important for a company to have a strong set of fundamental values. It is not a matter of enforcing, but rather a matter of involving everyone. Most importantly, it helps in working together to achieve a common goal.

performing at the time of covid

In Southtech’s case, as a top-ranked IT company in Bangladesh, that goal is reflected in their vision. For instance, the vision is “to be the first choice, best performer in its activities and to its clients.”

Core values of Southtech – Leading IT company in Bangladesh

“We believe in a set of core values and practice them in our everyday work to grow together as a team” – Syeda Wedad Quader, Director, Southtech

Southtech’s Core Values

Southtech has 8 core values. Let’s have a look at all of them. Moreover, let’s understand how Southtech is incorporating these into their day-to-day working environment.

1. Think about the customer’s customer first

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This is the first and foremost core belief that all Southtechers live by. To illustrate, we believe that we should always design our solutions keeping the end-user in mind. For that reason, the customers that our clients serve, come first in our priority.

We want to make their lives easier through our services, As a result, our clients will certainly be happy. This motto is helping Southtech in keeping the hopes alive for all during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Take pride in your role

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Beyond all the designations and departments, Southtech sees all of its employees equally. Therefore, every role here is equally important. Taking pride in once’s role is critical. Likewise, it helps to properly conduct one’s duty with utmost passion.

3. Praise your colleagues publicly

core value of southtech 3

This is one thing that often gets overlooked by a lot of other companies out there. People tend to forget recognizing the contributions of their co-workers. Here at Southtech, every little thing counts. In addition, we actively participate in praising our colleagues every single day.

4. Share your knowledge

core value of the top it company in bangladesh

Southtech is a forward-thinking IT company in Bangladesh. Here, a friendly learning atmosphere is cherished by all. Because knowledge is better earned when shared.

Knowledge sharing through dedicated sessions and through regular work is quite useful. Especially when you are trying to build a sustainable, successful business.

5. Seek fulfillment in everyday work

seek fulfillment in everyday work

Every day comes with a new promise. Therefore, every day we face newer challenges. We at Southtech believe that no matter what life throws at us, we should always seek fulfillment. We should seek fulfillment in our daily work. Because this is what keeps our morale boosted.

6. Be accountable and responsible

be accountable and responsible

Accountability and responsibility – these are two elements without which a company cannot survive for long. When the world is having to adjust to a ‘work from home’ culture, accountability and responsibility on behalf of the employees are crucial.

7. Practice continuous learning

practice continuous learning

Here at Southtech, we learn new things every day. We believe there is no end to this learning. Therefore, it is at the best of our interest that we utilize every opportunity to learn something new.

Moreover, this is not just something that we ‘keep in mind’. Rather, it is something that we all practice religiously as well. And for an IT company in Bangladesh, it is extremely important to keep this in mind as we are aiming to build a modern, digital Bangladesh.

8. Always find a way to succeed

core value of a leading it company in bangladesh

This is one thing that none of the Southtechers ever compromise on. This core value stands for Southtech’s ‘never give up’ attitude. This is what helps us in finding the right solutions to every problem.

Throughout the years, we have been working hard to impact positive changes in society through technology. You can learn more about how we help organizations like you to grow with digital transformation.

Practicing these values has truly helped Southtech in being able to reach its clients more effectively. Most importantly, this is also one of the major reasons why Southtech is widely regarded as the best IT company in Bangladesh.

To sum up, All these core values, when put to practice every day, make Southtech an ideal place to work. This plays a vital role in enhancing one’s skills and knowledge. It helps when all of us are on the same page, working together in achieving common pre-set goals.

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