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No matter you’re a small business or a multi-national company, nearly every organisation will benefit from using a specialist human resource information system.

There will almost inevitably come a point during an organisation’s growth that it can no longer successfully manage people-related data and processes without using specialist HR software. The vast majority of human resource information system enable organisations to carry out similar tasks related to the attraction, retention and management of their staff and HR data, but with a varying degree of sophistication.

HR system for better data management

Did you know, according to a recent survey 70% of companies analyze employee data?


And the data analysis can only be completely error free when it’s maintained through an all-rounded human resource information system. 

A relatively small number of 200 staff, for example, will have a significantly different list of requirements compared to a global company of 10,000+ employees. Whether you’re looking to invest in your first specialist HR system or upgrade your existing software to something more sophisticated, here are five top benefits of using HR software.

  1. It’ll improve the efficiency of your HR team

One of the most immediate benefits of using specialist HR software – once you’ve completed the implementation and launch phase – is an improvement in the efficiency of your HR team. Repetitive, admin-intensive tasks such as chasing managers to complete probation or annual reviews can be automated, and others – such as approving holiday or certifying absence – can be delegated to managers and employees through self-service functionality.


Wondering how else can an HR system help your HR operations? Watch this video!

  1. It’ll improve your employee experience

Rapid advancements in consumer technology mean workers expect even more from the digital devices and services their employers provide. If you’re used to using your mobile for everything from booking an Uber to order a new outfit, you’d expect to be able to do the same for booking a holiday or viewing your benefits – and certainly not have to send a form to HR, for example.

User-friendly, well-designed HR software can help to transform your employees’ perceptions of your HR department, from regarding it as an outdated or ‘behind-the-times’ function to seeing it as one that is forward-thinking, and a strategically relevant enabler of good work.

Choosing to integrate your HR software with other applications – such as learning management systems, expense management systems, and time and attendance systems – and enabling single-sign-on, will help take your users’ experience to the next level.

  1. It’ll save you money – or enable you to redeploy staff on other projects

Implementing HR software will of course involve one-off setup fees and, if using a cloud-based system, annual subscription costs. But, in the medium and long-term, your organisation should find that the efficiencies the software brings and time it saves will either allow you to reduce staffing costs or allow you to redeploy your HR team on more strategic projects. Better data accuracy should mean you experience fewer costly errors, too.

  1. It’ll help you make better decisions

One of the most common frustrations associated with keeping people data in disparate sources, or in unsophisticated HR systems, is an inability to frequently, automatically and accurately report on key people management metrics.

Good HR software should make it easy for you to find, analyze and report on the people data that matters most to each function in your organization – enabling you, managers and senior stakeholders to make smarter, more timely decisions. Being able to provide evidence quickly and easy for your ideas and initiatives will also help to cement the credibility of HR with the wider organization.


Improved regulatory compliance
  1. It’ll improve your regulatory compliance

Because you’ll store all your people data and related information in one place and be able to send automated reminders when action needs to be taken, your compliance with regulatory requirements will be much improved. Specific compliance areas where human resource information system can play a significant role include GDPR compliance (especially around data security and data-retention periods), right-to-work checks, and health and safety training compliance. You’ll also find that HR software will help you report on gender pay gaps, too.

For example, Southtech’s HRMS software uses the defence in-depth security principle to keep employee data locked down at every level. It provides weekly vulnerability scans, an annual penetration test with security metrics, and much more. This helps prevent any business data leaks.

For companies that operate across the globe, an human resource information system system can help employees and managers to communicate from remote locations and attend conferences online. Depending on the industry, it may be possible to communicate completely online and hire skilled employees without ever needing to travel or have employee relocate. HR software can also help to establish greater consistency in systems and standards when there are numerous company locations across a large geographical area.

And if you are looking to experience the best human resource information system then Southtech’s SCALED could be just the right system for you.

There are many key features of Southtech’s SCALED that makes it unique and one of a kind. But here are a few that we have listed for you.


Investing in an human resource information system is an important step toward ensuring the protection of employee data. An employer is responsible for preventing personal employee data from being misused and protecting this data against outside threats. An HR management system helps protect personal information both from hackers and unauthorized users by encrypting it.

In addition, an human resource information system comes with payroll functionality, offering a more secure way to process the payroll by securing this kind of data with password authorization and storing information on internal hardware.

Time has changed. With this updated times, we also have to be updated and take account of everything that can be a good source of our valuable time and system. 

Empower your employees with the right HR system and experience how the best human resource information system contributes to the success of your organization. 

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