Common Misconceptions about HRM Software in Bangladesh

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Can you tell what do ghosts, ancient history, and HRM software have in common? People have many misconceptions about them. Well, we can’t guarantee about the ghosts or ancient history, but in this article, we will try to debunk some of the major misconceptions people have about HRM software.

HRMS, AKA Human Resource Management System, is an all-round solution for the HR officials. In spite of being a solution that is designed to make people’s lives easily manageable, it is often not given the amount of acknowledgment that this technological advancement deserves.

What is HRM

To begin with, before starting the discussion of what are the major misconceptions people have about HRM software in Bangladesh, let’s have a look at what HRM actually is.

Managing tons of databases to keep track of every employee of the organization can become quite tricky to handle at times. However, the responsibilities of the Human Resource department of an organization is to do exactly that.

For years and years, HR professionals have been maintaining challenging tasks like recruiting, training, planning, tracking productivity, and much more than just what the job description requires.

Few major tasks of Hrm are:

  • Recruiting and training employees
  • Planning and coordinating the organization’s workforce
  • Maintaining pay-roll
  • Tracking employee efficiency
  • Taking the initiative to better efficiency
  • Supervising different projects
  • Continuously updating HR policies and so on
Smart HRM is the way to go

If we look at the currently existing Industries like microfinance, pharmaceuticals, beauty products and service, education, brand retail chains, they have a significant demand for highly scalable HR solution for their administration and everyday work. The workload of today’s HR management is tremendous. It has now reached a stage where if one HR official isn’t present at the office for one day, the flow of work gets interrupted.

Although the irony of the situation is that a term that starts with the word ‘Human’ is now in dire need of some automated support. Of course, we can’t completely omit the importance of HR employees when it comes to managing all the HR duties. However, with the development of time and technology, some support from the automation system would be highly appreciated.

The history of Human Resource Management

The history of HRM is much more profound than it seems. Things were not the same a few decades ago. The term HRM came into being long after the human resource concept was introduced. Initially, it was coined as HRIS (Human resource information system). Then with the need of time, HRIS was upgraded to HRMS (Human resource management system). With some more additions to the existing system, HRMS soon became the sunshine that every HR official was longing for. And the final remodeling of this concept is what we today know as Human resource management.

Let’s have a look at the timeline of Human Resource Management’s history

From the 1980’s-1990’s, HRIS was introduced to help function this process. The primary tasks of this system were to:

  • Run back-office HR activities
  • Managing payroll through the supervision of the HR officials
  • Keep employee information

In the late 1990’s-early 2000’s, many organizations realized that the existing HRIS system needed some upgrades as it was not fulfilling the needs of the challenging time. So, they upgraded to Human resource management system. Through this system:

  • Companies started equipping their operations with more updated features and re-structured them to be delivered through the internet.
  • The technology began to reach further into the business
  • Reporting format was a more integral part of the HR system.
  • From payroll to attendance, employees had better involvement in the HR process. However, the focus was still on core HR policies.

lastly, since late 2000’s till present, for the betterment of the human resource system, HRM came into being. Needless to say, it was more advanced, well-equipped, and better altered to integrate technological advances.

However, many companies hesitated to switch to human resource management from human resource management system because they think it’s basically the same thing and won’t benefit them much. Many people had this misconception about HRM and later realized that this resistance to change only harmed their business.

On the topic of misconceptions, let’s discuss what you really came here to know.

Common misconceptions about HRM Software in Bangladesh

We’ll only be able to cover the common misconceptions surrounding HRM automation tools in this article. The misconceptions about the overall workforce management is a different topic for a different blog. The area is so vast that one can write an entire book on that.

Thus, to keep the topic on point, let cut through the chase and directly have a look at the major misconceptions people have about human resource management Software.

common misconceptions people have about HRMS solutions.

Software will replace humans

A common misconception that many HR executives have is that “Will installing a software replace me?” The answer is NO.

HR Software solutions will not replace you. Its only job is to make YOUR JOB easier. These are just a set of tools that provide assistance to the management.

Too Costly

In addition to that, another misconception many organizations have about HR Software is that it is very costly. Well, the statement could have been true 10 years ago but now things have changed for the better. Now with the advancement of technology, many of these software solutions are cloud-based. Which turns down the installation cost to a great amount. And the money that will be invested in these services is a lifetime investment that you can measure.

Difficult to use

This one can’t be further from the truth. The main reason these software systems are built is to make the HR official’s lives easier. So, software companies such as Southtech, are creating solutions that are actually very easily accessible. No additional training or manuals are necessary to operate these systems.

Not Customizable

In fact, according to the market survey, many companies are providing HRM software solution nowadays as per the requirement of the organizations. Even though most of them are complicated to use and don’t have many available modules to choose from.

That is why many organizations don’t even know that few software companies like Southtech are providing customized modules.

ROI is hard to measure

As the return of investment in these solutions are not tangible, many decision-makers fail to understand how much these solutions boost employee performance. Even though the return can’t be seen in numbers, the improvement of efficiency can surely be an indicator of this system’s success.

Difficult to maintain over time

Last but not least, many people think the maintenance cost of these solutions might take over their annual budget. This is another misconception that can be debunked with a little bit of explanation. Even though it is agreed that the installation of these services isn’t the lightest purchase for your pocket but if you choose your modules smartly than the costs can be cut down to a huge number.

All these misconceptions have an answer, all you have to do is just ask

Southtech’s contribution to the advancement of HRMS?

Southtech's contribution to the development of HRM industry

However, after analyzing the demand of the business market for the right solution, many software companies have introduced products now for the HRMS that will cater to the needs of HR employees. To name a product as such, one can be Southtech’s HR software- SCALED

This HR software became best by its easily customizable modules. So you only pay for what your requirements are.

Through its framework module, user can monitor employee login and log out and generate a pre-defined HR report. This makes the job for the HR department more hassle-free and easier to track.

Despite the development and evolution that has happened in the human resource management sector over the last decade, 80% of respondents indicated they believe their company’s HR skills are lacking, as reported by Deloitte.

Likewise, HR software solutions are now very advanced to meet the needs of HR professionals. In other words, with the facility of customizing these solutions, now everything that you need will be hand-stitched for you. And Southtech SCALED does that for you. As a result, your HR system will surely improve.

How SCALED is debunking these misconceptions?

Since the time of its inception, the main vision of Southtech has been becoming the first choice of its customers. So, to achieve that vision, we have been working relentlessly each day. As a result, our modules are constantly being updated.

From upgrading modules on a regular basis to working as a consultant of our customers, we at Southtech make sure that our customers don’t regret their decision of working with Southtech.

Moreover, Keeping this vision in mind, Southtech’s HR software SCALED is super user-friendly. It is also easily customizable, justifies the investment and easy to maintain over time. Therefore, Some major ways that SCALED debunks these misconceptions are:

  • Easily accessible to the management: SCALED helps the management have easy access to it. So automatically, measuring the ROI becomes as easy as using this system
  • Better employee lifecycle management: It helps you track recruiting, performance management, events tracking more easily than ever before.
  • Lessens the chances of mistakes: One of the biggest benefits of automated reporting is that, there are fewer chances for errors.

So don’t believe our words? Let’s see what one of our SCALED clients have to say about our services:

What researchers have to say about the future of HRM Softwares

Meanwhile few market researchers have also predicted the growth of this industry in the next 10 years. So according to Grand view research.com, HR management market will be worth 30 billion USD by the year 2025.

What's in store for the future of HRM

However, companies towards automation prefer the future of HR software fully automated and web-based. DHAKA BANK, BRAC Bank, Expeditors, Sanofi and many more reputed organizations have transferred from their analog working system.

What’s in store for the future of HRM software?

Generally, the software industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. On the same topic where it’s predicted that in the future more work opportunities are coming our way. this notion contradicts when people fear automation system replacing humans in the future.

Although, no one can predict what will exactly happen in the future. However, people should not be threatened by technology. Because in the future there will be work for everyone. 

Thus, the statistics reflect how much investment is going to be made in the IT industry in the future. And thankfully technology doesn’t have a family to feed, so don’t worry about not getting the payment that you deserve.

Remember, the better the technology, the better your chances to polish your work.

In addition to that, the future of technology is actually not that far off in the future anymore. So we are already experiencing glimpses of the future of technology in the IT industry. So it’s time to get ready for the biggest change that is about to happen in the software development industry.

However, if you still have any more questions left about the efficiency of HRM software, then feel free to contact us.

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