HR Software for Recruitment: What You Need in Particular

Features in HR software for recruitment

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There was a time when HR professionals had to work hard for the entire recruitment process. In fact, today, most companies are using manual processes for recruitment which is very challenging. So, HR professionals strongly feel that there is an utmost need for an efficient alternative to handle the recruitment process. And HR software for recruitment can be very handy to make that process effortless.

However, for a successful recruitment process, your HR software has to be very comprehensive. It must have certain features to conduct particular actions. Only a system with important features all together can ensure an effective and effortless onboarding process.

But have you ever thought about what the features you need in particular are?

Let us help you learn what you need in your HR software for recruitment. I hope this guide helps you find the best HR system for the talent acquisition of your company.    

Features you need in HR Software for Recruitment

For making your employee lifecycle more effective, your HR software must come with particular features. Especially the features those help in the entire recruitment process. To be precise, it must have all the functionalities from job posting to onboarding. So, what are those mandatory features you need in HR software for recruitment?   

features for e-recruitment

1. Job Board Posting

Job board posting is one of the basic features in HR software for recruitment in particular. It directly helps your candidate sourcing and engagement process. In most cases, companies advertise their job openings on various media. In particular, on websites, social media and job search sites. But the process becomes hectic due to poor candidate management. With the job board posting feature in your HR software, you can post your job openings almost automatically. Moreover, it helps you manage all job posting channels in a single dashboard. Therefore, when you choose HR software, you must look for a job posting feature in the recruitment module.   

2. E-Application Form

In most of the systems, the module in the HR software for recruitment does not include an e-Application form. But this is an essential feature to have in order to make your recruitment more beneficial. Primarily it contributes to employee filtering. If you don’t have an e-application form, usually, you won’t be able to filter potential candidates. Even for the lack of the feature, the whole purpose of the recruitment module in your HR system becomes valueless. So, don’t forget to check if the system has the e-application form integrated.

Application form

3. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The applicant tracking system is something that we were talking about in our previous point. Usually, the information candidates input through the application form goes into the applicant tracking system. It stores all the information according to the field you have provided. In particular, job experience, educational qualifications, extracurricular activities, skills etc., all are stored separately.

Based on the separate information, the Application tracking system lets you filter out candidates. Precisely, you can filter the applicants depending on preferences. Besides, the advanced ATS can accept and reject applications depending on the predetermined criteria.

On the other hand, the ATS automates your communication throughout the hiring process. Therefore, you get to manage the entire talent pool with this feature, and you must think about this when choosing HR software for recruitment.  

4. Advanced Candidate Filtering (ACF)

Advanced candidate filtering is another important feature you need in your HR system for recruitment modules like the applicant tracking system. Though they both have filtering functionalities, yet there is a fundamental difference between them. ACF, in particular, helps you in a broad and more advanced filtering process. For example, you can rank your candidates based on their information with an intelligent and smart candidate scoring system. Depending on that, your shortlisting becomes easier. And we hope this sounds more convenient.     

5. Applicant Evaluation

Applicant evaluation is all that goes with a laborious and time-consuming process. And this is one of the reasons you need the module in your HR software for recruitment. Just make sure the module comes with enough functionalities for the entire evaluation of the hiring process.

The evaluation process is done in several stages. From short application listing to final decision making, everything happens depending on a thorough evaluation. This feature, in particular, oversees all the steps including, resume evaluation, exam paper evaluation and overall scoring. So, it is needless to say that it is a must-have feature for your HR software.   

6. Auto Response

Responding to candidates on time is a very time-consuming task for the HR department. A lot of people apply for one position, and you should thank them for their application. But all companies avoid the reply to save their time. If you have a specialized module in your HR software for recruitment, things get very easy. With an automated response, you can show a friendly gesture to those candidates without wasting your time.

On the other hand, automated response helps you send a notification to candidates. At every stage of the hiring process, your HR department can send messages and save time from calling individually.  

7. Social Recruiting

Nowadays, social media platforms have become a good tool for recruitment. Facebook and Linkedin are two of the most popular sites where companies are posting their job openings. But it is not easy to manage all the tasks on various social media platforms. A comprehensive module in an HR solution for recruitment can help you in managing social recruitment.

You can integrate social media into your software and get the applications to your application management system. You can even send them notifications on that particular channel through your dashboard. So, we think this is a feature worth having in this era of social media.

8. Automated onboarding

The HR software for recruitment without an automated onboarding feature is not a complete one. After completing all the evaluation processes, this feature can help you onboard your next employee. It enables you to send final notifications and maintain other HR formalities. And this feature is a very useful one, especially in this time of the virtual world. Therefore, you must not forget to check if your HR software module for recruitment has an automated onboarding feature.  

In a nutshell, you need many features in your HR software for recruitment for your complete hiring process. In particular, you must have automated job posting, e-application form, ATS & ACF, auto-response and automated onboarding features.  

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