HR Operations Mistakes to Avoid

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HR operations are as critical as it sounds. It is probably the most significant part of a business plan. Half of the companies fail at creating a successful HR operations plan. As a result of that, they fail to create a successful graph throughout the year, and when the time for presenting the year-end report comes, they can’t understand why everything is failing. 

The reason is at the origin. If your plans have flaws, then you can’t expect to get the executions precisely. 

Failure is something no one wants to admit could happen or has already happened to their plans. Everyone views failure as the lowest of low, as a sign of the end of things. In reality, admitting defeat only means the period when fixing it for the future is no longer an option. 

If you want to succeed in business, you’re going to have to master the art of taking fast advantage of missed opportunities and turn them into new possibilities of success. In small or big business, the Human Resources department can be the leader in a series of changes for the better. But before that happens, HR needs to get real with how they regularly fall short of the goal set and start taking steps to improve in the future.

HR Operations plans

A survey done by IDC and sponsored by Cornerstone, found that 80% of operational managers think HR plays an essential role in the overall development of their business. 

So you can understand how vital HR planning in the success of your business is. However, things don’t always go according to plan. And that’s okay. You need to keep in mind that, with each day, everything is evolving and developing for the better. So if you don’t keep up with these developments, guess what is coming your way?

Now Let’s Look At A Few Mistakes of Your HR Operations 

You don’t plan ahead: Planning is the key to everything. Even the smallest of businesses need a solid plan to execute their operations. This is where you might lack. 

You need to plan ahead. Making a three-month plan as a breakdown of your year plan is completely fine. However, ONLY making a three-month plan and then thinking, “We will see when we get there” will not get you anywhere. 

At the beginning of the new year, you should be well prepared with all the plans and data research that you need to succeed in the coming year. 

Things like ROI measurement, revenue data, market analysis should be done way before you even sit for making next year’s plan. This will not only save your time but also make the planning process much more comfortable.  

Backdated HR operations: Let’s face it, you can’t upgrade your HR plans if you are still using backdated techniques for data collection. You need to keep improving your HR management skills with the latest software technologies that are available.

For instance, Software companies like Southtech continuously keeps developing products that make their customer’s lives easier. One of their flagships is their HR solution SCALED. 

This HR software allows you to manage all HR activities efficiently and significantly reduce administrative and operational costs. 

hr operations at work

The feature-rich solution consists of 10 modules that oversee a business’s HR operations. At present, the Software is successfully running in organizations that have between 60 – 100,000+ employees.

Upgrading to an HR software like this will help your HR operations immensely.

No matter what anybody tells you, policies that are easily explainable and don’t complicate people, have a higher rate of execution. Don’t just write 50 pages long HR strategies so that you can meet your KPI. Keep the plans short and straightforward. 

Keep in mind that, if a new employee joins in your place, will he or she easily understand these operational guide or not. 

Your company lacks employee satisfaction: Employees are on the front foot of every company. It’s often believed that good employees are an organization’s number one asset. Keeping employees satisfied helps strengthen a company in a lot of ways, including:

Lower Turnover rate- Turnover is one of the highest costs assigned to the HR department. Employees who have been working in the company for a long time help create a better environment, and makes it easier to recruit more quality people and save money. So the bottom line is, satisfied employees are less likely to leave the organization.

Higher Productivity – No matter the job title and pay scale, employees who report high job satisfaction tend to achieve higher productivity.

Increased revenue – Keeping employees safe and satisfied can lead to higher sales, which will eventually lead to lower costs.

Loyalty – When employees feel the company values their contribution they often work hard to help achieve its objectives and vision. As a result of that, they may be more likely to tell their friends and family, which helps spread goodwill for the company.

Why Do These Mistakes happen? 

There is a resistance to change: Nobody likes change. However, the harsh reality is that without breaking your old ways, you can’t succeed in life. Same goes for HR operations as well. If you are using methods that are 10-15 years old, then there is a high possibility that in 2020 they will not work. 

Think how even your phone applications refuse to perform if you don’t update them. Everything has a better stage and functions. And if the technology offers you better services, then why not make the best use of it? 

Sometimes the best way to upgrade is to just admit that humans alone can’t do everything. 

Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement in everything. And your HR operations are also no exception. If you solve a few factors before executing the HR plans then your HR operations can run smoothly throughout the year. 

So without any further ado, let’s see what are the ways you can better your HR planning.

As An HR You Should Also Keep In Mind

Be involved in strategy:  Better knowledge and understanding of your business goals and business practices can identify potential benefits and opportunities in the quantity and quality of human resources that your company needs. This, in fact, identifies the key components of your HR strategy planning and the continuous circle of providing whatever your organization needs for creating a successful HR strategy.

It is also important that the HR team has a high level of expertise in creating major HR practices and their relevance to business performance. If there is a strong need for the organization to develop its management capability, for instance, should you align your compensation strategy to reinforce this objective? 

note for hr operations

It is also important that the HR team has a high level of expertise in creating major HR practices and their relevance to business performance. If there is a strong need for the organization to develop its management capability, for instance, should you align your compensation strategy to reinforce this objective? 

Also Know That, 

If the organizational structure identifies the accountabilities perfectly at every level of the organization, is your HR team selecting and improving against them? This makes the process of HR planning smoother and easier to track in the future. 

Another concern for HR is when it should make strategic interventions. It either follows your business cycle or triggers other key events. Those can be a merger, an acquisition or a change in business direction.

Learn from previous mistakes: Your mistakes are your best teacher. What a bad experience can teach you, a good experience can hardly have that effect on you. So go through your last year’s report. See what major mistakes did you make. 

Invest in a good software: A good software is all you need to make your HR operations run smoothly. Whether your company has 5 or 500 employees, there is a lot of paperwork in the HR department to take care of. Southtech is here for you. 

However, the slow paperwork can be easily replaced by a sustainable HR software. Your company can save a lot of time and money and also improve accuracy through these software systems. With HR management software you will be able to better manage, paid time off, employee benefits, retirement packages, and employee evaluations among many other things. Contrary to popular belief, many of the HR software systems that are available in the market now were created keeping the small to mid-sized companies in mind. You still might need some help in choosing the best HR software that suits your company needs the most. Some things to keep in mind are: 

  • Choose a package that you feel comfortable with both in terms of cost and added value
  • Train your employees from day one to use such services 
  • Use an HR software that can track productivity and sales

Understand the real outcome that you are looking to get through the implementation. And then select the right technology or solution that fits your needs the best. A well-thought-out strategy, road map and an achievement plan in-line with the best practices can help in promoting your policies. A lot of them have been shared above to maximize the ROI and create an impactful change that your company needs!

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