Document Management Software as a Minimum Viable Product

We have streamlined a Document Management Software (DMS) and redesigned its user interface, with simple automation for efficient handling of documents suitable for any kind of organization.

Our Roles

Research, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sketching, Wireframing, Redesign User Interface & Prototyping.


6 Weeks

dashboard of a document management software

The Challenges of a Document Management Software

Decrease dependency on paper and implementing a centralized approval process

Getting to Know The Industry

We researched diverse types of institutions, such as educational institutes and SMEs to identify their practices. Most of them process documents manually while some companies are using a document management software but lacks a document approval process. 

Our Client’s Goals
  1.  Increase business efficiency
  2.  Reduce storage space
  3.  Reduce cost and labor

User Research & Building Persona

Our main goal was to understand how people currently manage their document & approval process. We also wanted to validate the problem space by discovering other products which attempted to tackle the same problem and learn from their design decisions.

User Needs
  1. Increase productivity
  2. Produce secure documentation
  3. Fast & hassle-free approval process
  4. Simple and easy to use for team and collaboration
  5. Manage & organized files properly
  6. Know where your documents are at all times

Affinity Map

We compiled our findings under 3 categories based on user and competitor analysis. It was then arranged onto an affinity map to find correlations and determine top priorities moving forward, while taking into consideration the feasibility and business prospects as well.

Information Architecture

We built the information architecture based on the core feature, i.e. the document approval process while keeping in mind any future scalability option.

information architecture of document management software

Sketch and Wireframe

Sketching and wireframing included the basic functionalities of the system with a focus on creating a simple automated document approval process hence workflow was designed accordingly. 

UI Kit

For excellent legibility in print, web and mobile interfaces as well as to differentiate from texts of other documents, we decided to use IBM Plex Sans Font of a specific weight. 

ui kit for document management software


Designed clickable prototypes to test our ideas and validate the design. The prototype only covers approval workflow tasks for users to collaborate across departments within the organization.

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Final Thoughts

An in-depth research went into developing the document management software as a functioning minimum viable product. The addition of approval workflow process enabled users to easily collaborate and pass on documents within the organization. The personas and intuitive user interface helped tremendously in focusing on the professional needs and incorporating them to create an improved version of a standard document management software.

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