Collaboration Between HR Team And Technology: Reducing the Internal Communication Gap

HR team and technilogy can Reduce The Internal Communication Gap

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Is your HR team suffering from a communication gap with the other existing departments? Is your company losing a lot of opportunities because of this? It is a very common issue in most offices. And sadly, maybe this is the same issue you are also dealing with. However, a collaboration between your HR team and technology can reduce the communication gap and ease the entire department!

You might be thinking, how? We are going to discuss this in our today’s blog. 

Technology today is used to organize its work according to the agile methodology. And this attitude is a good thing, given that it is now proven the most effective method for every business worldwide. And you should also invest in technology solutions to get the most out of your employees.

Let’s get to the topic and learn how the collaboration between the HR department and technology can help your company. Before we move on to the topic, let’s learn your first step.

Choose a Software Solution to Manage Work and Communicate

In the beginning, you get to choose a tool with which you will exchange information and manage your entire organization. Besides, nowadays, it is obsolete to use only emails since better options exist, even for non-experts, allowing you to exchange internal messages, archive files, set priorities and deadlines, and much more. 

But make sure you choose a very sophisticated solution like SCALED, with different features depending on your needs. 

To do this, you need to assess the technical capabilities of the tool. So that your team could deal with all needs of your department easily? Is it better for your HR team to collaborate with your IT department to adapt to your needs? We think so if you have one.

Once you are fully integrated with your newly hired technology, you can now manage your workforce and communicate with them properly.

3 Ways Your HR Team Can Collaborate with Technology  

There are countless ways you can collaborate with technology to communicate and manage your entire workforce. And know how you can do it; you need to know the software well. And this is the best way to make the best out of your newly adapted solution. Let’s see some of the most advanced ways technology can help your HR team communicate with the rest of the workforce.

Embrace Experimenting with Your Employees

Today we live in an age of speed: the world, especially the digital one, changes too quickly to work as it once did with annual or biennial projects, macro budgets, and infinite processes. 

The mindset of young people and those who want to work well, you must lead them to work in micro steps using HR technology.

In this way, it is possible to test an idea, a method, software, an advertisement, a resource capability or anything else for a short time. You can evaluate the results every time; if they are negative, you can change quickly without wasting too much time. 

Thanks to a project management solution or a smart HR solution that can handle task management and all the other HR work, it is possible.

Schedule Short and Frequent Meetings

Short and frequent meetings are very useful to avoid wasting time and get straight to the point. Sometimes, we even go as far as having five-minute standing conferences daily. 

If you don’t want to go that far, settle on weekly meetings of half an hour at most or bi-weekly one-hour conferences to involve the whole team to align themselves on the situation, evaluate the test results and decide how to proceed. 

Individual collaborators will then discuss operational issues in groups of two or three without wasting time for the whole group.

Your HR team can collaborate with technology to manage this important aspect of your operation. If your HR solution can set meetings and send notifications to others, it can be done very easily. Besides, it can also help you save time and make your employees more efficient.


Analyze Data and Evaluate Your Employee’s Performance

If you’re not already used to this advantage of technology, try to force yourself into this process. It is a game-changing opportunity for your company. And we can assure you that a good HR solution can automatically help you in this process.   

An HR solution can easily analyze and evaluate employee performance based on existing data, such as tasks, attendance, training, etc. On the other hand, if you have well-defined KPIs, it will be easy to understand where your company is leading. It will also help you interpret them, making it extremely clear which steps have worked and which have not, why, and how to change.

I hope you know how your HR team can collaborate with a technology solution to reduce the internal communication gap. We should also know how collaboration benefits you in the long run.

How Does the Collaboration Benefit in the Long Run?

If you are among the “lucky ones” who have not yet encountered collaboration with technology, these are some concrete aspects in which your collaboration can bear fruit.

Build Better Performing Teams and Workplaces

Undoubtedly, if you can collaborate with technology or hire a smart HR solution, you will build a better-performing team.

Imagine working in a fully functional and well-designed office but with outdated technical equipment. Or think about the feeling, after a warm welcome from the CEO and HR manager, having to deal with the frustration of not being able to access your email immediately or even not having your company PC.

It is the same feeling an employee will have in a modern office environment if you don’t have a smart HR solution.

A coordinated effort between the HR team and technology solution can therefore help your company create consistent and positive experiences. And also to equip all teams with the right tools to perform better.  

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Advantages of Evaluating Technological Investments

According to research, by the end of 2022, 75% of companies will consider employee experience improvement as a performance goal. 

It means HR and IT will increasingly have a growing common priority. And working together to ensure that new technologies introduced into the company meet the expectations of those who use them. 

Many organizations are already supporting HR and IT Managers in these assessments to understand which software and programs are helping you build a better efficient team. There is no need to dwell on how fundamental IT support can be in these assessments.

Properly Following the Collaborators

In attracting, retaining, and engaging the best talent, HR Managers are increasingly listening to what employees say. For this reason, companies try to put people at the centre by introducing feedback channels to build trust and mutual discussion. 

Using surveys through your HR solution is also increasingly common to understand everyone’s impulses, desires, problems, and aspirations. HR and technology can thus collaborate to make these activities ever more immersive, engaging, and ultimately less boring.

We have therefore seen how proper collaboration between the HR team and technology is essential and very useful for HR operations. And it is where the key to effective operation and communication lies. All of this is valid for big and small companies, and a technology solution for your HR team can boost your company’s growth by reducing the communication gap.

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