Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server for Your Business

Benefits of having a Dedicated Server for your business

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Is your current server supporting your system well? Do you feel that your system is secured on the shared server? If you don’t, maybe it is time to consider a dedicated server because it offers you everything you need for maximum performance. In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of having a dedicated server for your business,

When choosing a server for your system, you should think carefully. Like you select a particular place for your family home, you need to choose a specific service provider for your system. So, what do you see when you choose a spot for your home?

The first three things that come to mind are cost, livability and security. Similarly, you must also look into some features upon choosing your hosting service. But it is not easy work because of the crowd of services.

There are many kinds of hosting services. But you will need a dedicated server for a big and serious project. Many businesses starting with a new system chooses a shared server because they only look at the price. However, the advantages offered by a dedicated server make it the best option for any serious web project. At least when you want your system to have its own private space like your family home.

In addition, there is no comparison between shared and dedicated servers for technical characteristics. They differ in many ways, apart from the capacity and web traffic they can handle. But what is a dedicated server anyway? Let’s make this clear for you first.

what is a dedicated server

What Is a Dedicated Server?

Simply put, a dedicated server has exclusive resources for your website without sharing them with others. In the shared infrastructure, your system shares the resources with many others. Therefore, the dedicated ones are less prone to saturation and excessive loads in the use of resources.

Hosting a web project on a dedicated server has a higher price due to its more professional and advanced features. For this reason, it is essential to guarantee good performance for a large system or website with a lot of traffic since they offer optimal performance and flexibility.

Let us make things simpler.

Think about a flat for your family. When you have your own house or a rented house for your family only, you can use all the resources yourself without sharing with an outsider.

But what if you share the house with someone else? You will have to share some of the resources with them. For example, you have to share the kitchen, the common washroom, the dining room etc. And it is not a good thing to do for sure.

Similarly, when you take a shared server, your system shares all the resources, including the space, RAM, and CPU, with other websites. So, it’s time to switch to a dedicated server if you are considering starting a serious project or already have a rapidly growing website.

Main Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server

Although it may be clear from the description above, it is good to know the benefits of having a dedicated server for your business in detail. Are you up for this? Let’s dive down.

High performing equipment for dedicated server

1. Focused on Large Companies

A dedicated server is a solution mostly chosen by large companies to manage their website or private intranets. The main reason is that they perform better and can fully control the server without anyone’s interference.

Having a dedicated server is very crucial for big companies. In this case, the hosting service providers set their bar high for dedicated servers. Besides, you are highly valued by the service providers. So, most service providers will treat you like a VIP client. So, we would say this is one of the benefits of having a dedicated server for your business.

2. High-Performance Equipment

Cloud-hosting providers usually use high-performance equipment for their servers. But they pay much better attention to the dedicated servers. The reason is that they are serving big companies and cannot afford to lose them.

When you take a shared server, you are not only sharing the resources but also getting low-performing equipment. We hope you want the best for your company. If so, have a dedicated server for your business now. Don’t you think this is one of the most important benefits of having a dedicated server? We hope you do!

3. Highly Flexible   

Suppose you have stored your company data or hosted your system on a server; would you not like to have full control? We bet you want to have full control. But in shared hosting, you will never get full control over the server.

Think, if you are running a campaign, your traffic will increase substantially. This time load balancing and increased resources are important. With shared hosting, you will never be able to have the liberty to have that access.

However, you have total control over your data if you have a dedicated server. And you can configure your server anytime you want. It means, no matter what, your server is in the sweet spot.

Dedicated server provides better security

4. Better Security

Would you share your house with an unknown person if you can afford it alone? No one will. But with a shared server, you share the space with someone like your house. What is the problem with a shared server?


Security is one of the mandatory benefits of a dedicated server for your business.

In addition to having better performance, the high features guarantee the security of the content hosted on the dedicated server. You don’t know who you share your space with on shared servers. Besides, the cloud makes your site vulnerable. If there are malicious pages or spam sources on the server, your site may be affected. And it is not an ideal situation you should put yourself into.

Additionally, if your dedicated server is from the country your business operates, it is a plus point. With it, your security gets even better.

5. Protection from DDoS Attacks  

For popular and large websites and companies, DDoS attacks are very common. But would you just let hackers hack your system if there are ways to prevent them?

No, you wouldn’t. You would always try to prevent them, and you better do. It is your responsibility to do the essential to be protected and prepared for such attacks. In the case of a dedicated server, it gets you covered.

For large organizations, malicious attack prevention becomes mandatory for dedicated server providers. And this is the reason a dedicated server is best for your business.

There are many more benefits of having a dedicated server for your business. So, it would be wise for you to switch to a dedicated server now. Don’t think about how much it cost. It is worth every single penny.

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