Benefits of Employee Self-Service System

Benefits of employee self-service system

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Have you ever thought about how an employee self-service system in an HR solution benefits your company? If you haven’t, this blog might help you.

Let’s ask you a question first!

What helps your employees work more efficiently?

It is a million-dollar question, and many still do not know what. Let us help you with this. It is none other than employee satisfaction. But it triggers another question.

How do you increase employee satisfaction?

Well, there are several ways to increase employee satisfaction, and employee self-service is one.

According to Sybil F. Stershic,

“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.”

What does it indicate? It definitely indicates that you must make your employees feel better at any cost. Now you might be wondering how employee self-service makes your employees feel better. I am going to discuss it in detail.

But let me tell you briefly what an employee self-service system refers to.

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What is Employee Self-Service System?

Suppose one of your employees is going on a tour and s/he needs to take leaves for a few days. How do they get that?

Well, if I am not mistaken, s/he visits some people from desk-to-desk, collects the leave application form and takes signatures from the supervisor and the manager. Then again, s/he submits the application to HR.

In between these procedures, s/he needs to wait for appointments, engage in some arguments, and waste some valuable time. On top of everything, s/he sometimes end up in disappointments.

It is not just about the leave application. Your employees probably follow the same procedures for all the other HR works, including leave balance, employee loans, provident fund, and other employment details.      

But what if they could avoid all these and do everything independently? You don’t believe it could be done?

Well, this is where an employee self-service system comes in. It is a system in an HR solution that helps your employees conduct their work on their own. For example, they can apply for leaves, loans, medical benefits and more through the system without even moving from one desk to another.  

I hope you understand what is a self-service system now. Now it’s time to know the benefits of a self-service system for your employees and company.

Benefits of Employee Self-Service System

Having an employee self-service system in your HR software is highly rewarding for your business. It helps you increase employee satisfaction, save time, boost productivity and more. But today, we will discuss a few of the most important benefits.

Better employee satisfaction

Increases Employee Satisfaction

We have already spoken about employee satisfaction in the beginning. But you may still be confused about how employee satisfaction relates to the employee self-service system.

Well, if you are a company owner or an HR professional, you already know that your employees spend hours behind HR work. From leave application to provident fund collection, an employee also goes through many hassles.

Moreover, standing in line, requesting their managers in person, and engaging in arguments for something in their basic rights, make people feel undervalued. And this is not the way you make your employees feel about your company.   

Therefore, if you have a self-service system, everything will be easy for your employees. And it will bring satisfaction to your employees.  

Improves Productivity

Productivity is something that makes your company profitable. But it is not something that comes easily. You need to put effort and invest in your employees. It means productivity comes at a cost.

But don’t worry, it does not cost you money; rather, it will cost you some small changes, one of which is the effort to increase your employee satisfaction. In simple words, employee satisfaction is alternative to productivity. And we have already discussed that an employee self-service system increases employee satisfaction.

However, there is more about a self-service system. In particular, your employees can focus on developmental work and other tasks without wasting their energy on their personal HR activities.

self-service system helps with productivity

Self-service System Saves Time

Don’t forget that time is money; don’t force your employees to waste them for nothing.

The amount of time HR work consumes from your employee’s daily work hours is a waste. In the traditional system, when they need to deal with HR work like leave applications, they spend a lot of time.

But it is not they wish to. Rather it is something that your HR has imposed on them. So, you need to think clearly and wisely if you want them to waste the valuable time they are paid for. Moreover, it is not just your employees wasting that time individually; a few other people are also involved. So, as a whole, collectively, they are wasting a lot of time.

With an employee self-service system in your HR solution, you can cut time to a few minutes.   

Promotes Healthy Company Culture

Better company culture is a very important thing in today’s world. Without it, employees cannot connect themselves with the sole of your business. Thus, it affects loyalty, efficiency, and self-valuation.

So, it is highly suggested you promote healthy company culture. But how do you do that?

Well, a self-service system can help you improve company culture. Did not get it?

We discussed earlier that employees sometimes become dissatisfied because of the traditional procedure. For example, when employees visit their boss for leave, they sometimes end up in arguments. Even if they approve, in this situation, often managers do not have good expression toward the employee. So, it hurts the employee’s value in the process. And obviously, this is not a good culture.

On the other hand, when anyone applies through the technology system, the whole experience is better. Therefore, a self-service system promotes healthy company culture.

In short, an employee self-service system is very important in today’s office operation. It helps you with increased employee satisfaction and productivity. In addition, it improves the overall company culture.

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