6 reasons to Switch to a Human Resource System in 2020

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Human Resources system in 2020 is no longer confined in the back-office attending to piles after piles of paperwork. Thanks to the Internet and modern technology, HR has completely transformed into a tech-savvy department that takes advantage of cloud-based HR Solutions to hire, manage time-off, conduct onboarding and offboarding activities, and so much more.

The human resources department is usually a place of frenzied activity. Thanks to the benefits of cloud HR software, HR professionals now have the tools to reduce and simplify administrative tasks like payroll and record keeping. They can instead focus on issues that can make or break a company in this era of fierce competition— like employee engagement.


Better employee engagement
  •  Less Paperwork: Gone are the years of storing employee records in large file cabinets. With cloud-based HR software, all files can now be stored securely in the cloud and accessed instantly with apps like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Because data is stored digitally, an HR employee can search and print a file from a cloud HR solution in a matter of seconds.
  • Real-time and Accurate Reporting: Real-time reporting is one of the major benefits of an HR System.  A system like Southtech’s SCALED, not only gives you accurate reporting but also makes sure you get the information in real-time too. Human resource system in 2020 has now given priority than any other system that’s out there! 
Less paper work


  • Increased Employee Engagement : Keeping your employees engaged in the workplace can be quite a challenge if it’s not done properly. When employees have to do things manually, we often see that their engagement level in the workplace significantly decreases. A reason behind that could be the lack of time that they have due to their workload. This can be decreased significantly if you switch to a Human Resouce system in 2020.


  • Easy access to information: Information is key in this era. Easy access to information can help build a business more than ever. Trough a Human Resource system in 2020, you can now get easy access to information with just a few clicks. You just have to make sure that all your data are in the cloud and from there, finding the exact information that you are looking for will just be a matter for a few seconds. 
Less error in work
  • Improved security: You will also find that digital record-keeping offers improved security. Employee data, such as their address, phone number, and social security number should always be protected. The paper filing could be lost, destroyed, or stolen. Other issues that come with paper filing include leaving documents where others can see it or poorly handling sensitive documents. This is not an issue with human resources computer software, which ensures all personal data and employee record remain secure.
  • Less Error: These systems can prevent errors that could end up costing your company money. Less data needs to be entered manually, which reduces errors, including payroll or finance mistakes. Some of the most common payroll processes will be automated. When you prevent these errors, you end up saving yourself some money.

A human resource system in 2020 is making lives easier for everyone. It is a system that is now being used vastly all over the world.

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