3 tips to become a highly successful Smart individual

3-tips to become a highly successful Smart individual

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While there are many qualities and characteristics that make a person successful, there are a few things about association that are sometimes overlooked. Surrounding yourself with the right and smart people both at work and at home can make a world of a difference in the kind of person you become. Being motivated and hard-working sometimes doesn’t make the cut if you’re working with ‘not-so-intelligent’ people.

Though there is no secret formula to success or a definite routine to follow to become successful both personally and professionally.

TO BECOME A SMART INDIVIDUAL there are few things you need to keep in mind

Associate yourself with smart people

Your professional circle and your friend circle should consist of many different people but the one thing that should remain a common denominator is their intelligence. Smart people exude confidence and you get to share ideas with them. You are in a thriving environment with people who think out of the box and push the norms. This only helps you grow and think smart too. Associating yourself with unsmart people can lower your personal goals and limit your potential. Surround yourself with people who stimulate your thoughts and ways of working. Learn from them and teach them too.

Compete with yourself

While competition around you might be fierce, you should always remember to challenge yourself. Smart peoples always set realistic personal targets because no one knows you more than you know yourself. Others might work 50 hours longer or study double the amount of time you have but it could just be that you are more efficient than them.

And even if they do work twice as long, your targets should be your own, because you know what you can take. Setting your targets based on others’ will significantly demotivate you and can even cause you to ‘miss the point’. Success is achieved not by beating someone else but by challenging yourself to excellence first. Understand your own potential, identify your own limits and set your own goals to overcome them.

Do not find companionship with people who backbite or spread lies

Spend time doing productive and good things. While it is true that you must always find time to relax and unwind, always make sure the time you set away to unwind and relax doesn’t include these things. Also, never confuse networking with gossiping – they are two separate things. Your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances that you associate yourself with are very important in your life and the kind of people they are can somewhat shape you.

Always surround yourself with people who speak the truth and those who constructively criticize. People who constantly see the worst in others will also always see the worst in you. Smart peoples try to associate with people who help you grow and who also teach you to see the good in others.


Associating with smart people can mean you see the world in a different light. They can open your eyes to opportunities and help you overcome problems. Self-assessment is indeed an important key to success. You need to know where you are and where you want to be – you can’t compare yourself with others. You have to be your own person. Participate in constructively criticizing others rather than backbiting about them. Speak the truth and be with those who do the same.

Written By: Syeda Wedad Quader-Director Of Southtech

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