Southtechers Enjoy Annual Picnic 2016!

Dhaka, 31 January 2016: Southtech held its ‘Annual Picnic 2016’ at the Barnachata Resort, Jirabo, Savar on the 29th January. This year’s event is considered to be one of the most successful ones as it drew nearly 300 participants.

The journey towards the spot started at 7:30 AM and the festivities began around 9:30 AM. The daylong event had a wide array of family oriented activities that saw active participations from the Southtech employees, their family members and guests. Activities included drawing, poem recitation, dance, song, and various other games and sports events.

One unique event this year was the outdoor candle lighting competition for Southtech’s female employees. It turns out that our female employees are quiet feisty and efficient with fire as the champion managed to light 22 candles in the allotted 60 seconds while the runner-up fell just short with 21.

The biggest crowd pleaser was undoubtedly the annual football match between Southtech Limited and Southtech Systems Limited for the much coveted ‘Southtech Cup’. In a perfect nail biter, after an evenly contested 1-1 finish during regulations, Southtech Limited won the match 3-2 in tie breaker. With this victory, Southtech Limited has taken the cup for an unprecedented 7 consecutive times.

Besides football, a wildly entertaining tug-of-war contest and an exciting musical chair competition kept the spectators on their toes. The grand finale came in the form of a concert by Southtech’s own band. Southtech’s MD marked the end of the event at around 6:30 PM by bidding farewell and by inviting the crowd to celebrate Southtech’s 20 year anniversary in May.