Southtech visits Old Rehabilitation Center

A group of employees from Southtech Limited and Southtech Systems Limited recently visited “Boyoshko Punorbashon Kendra” (Old Rehabilitation Center) located in Gazipur, Dhaka. Started back in 1987, this old home has been taking care of the basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment for around 250 old people living far from their family.


As an organization Southtech has helped many marginalized people with no access to technology, banking and many basic necessities. But, this time Southtech took the initiative to give people a human connection.

The purpose of the event was to offer the residents of the old home some quality time. The group spent half of the day with the residents by performing different games, activities, talking and singing. The whole event was full of fun and delight, as the residents welcomed and treated the Southtech team like their family.

Through this event, Southtech Group wanted to spread a message that the people who sacrificed many things throughout their life for the betterment of their family should not be ignored when they become dependent on their family. Everyone should look up to them for what they did and take proper care, so that they would not have to live far from their family in old homes.