Southtech provides aid to flood victims

30 August 2017:

Members of the Southtech team embarked on a journey to provide relief to victims of the floods around Bangladesh. A 6-member volunteer group travelled to Sherpur to distribute aid bought using the money raised. A total of One Lac Twenty Thousand Eight Hundred taka was raised by members of Southtech Limited and Southtech Bhutan Private Limited. This donation was matched by Southtech Group. The grand total raised for charity was Two Lac Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred taka.


Basic supplies were purchased for flood victims using this fund. Each bag of relief contained 5kgs of rice, 1kg of lentils, 1kg of salt, 1 litre of cooking oil, ½kg of sugar, 1 packet of shemai, 1kg of flatted rice (chira), 1 bag of puffed rice (muri), 1kg of molasses (gur), 1 antiseptic soap, half a dozen candles, 1 lighter and packets of ORS Saline. A total of 280 families received these donations throughout the area.

Southtech volunteer, Mehedi Hasan shares his experience from the day, “while it was wonderful to have been able to help these families, I still wish we could help more people. Seems like many families had to turn back empty handed. However, the families we were able to help were better off, even if it was for a few days.”