Southtech Mobile Banking



In today’s Omni-channel world, mobiles have become one of the most prominent personal communication devices. We have designed Southtech Mobile Banking to ensemble all the mobile technologies integrated into a single platform and provide you with personalized mobile banking and payment services.

The SMS-based solution offers a convenient banking experience with defined validations and access controls. Southtech Mobile Banking is a complete mobile banking solution that allows financial institutions such as banks to provide their customers with the flexibility and convenience of managing their finances anywhere, anytime through a mobile device. The solution offers services to the customers of a bank by providing convenient access to their accounts for balance enquiries, cheque book requests, utility-bills payment and to transfer funds in real time. It offers a bank to initiate parameterized, event-based, automatic transmission of requested information to customers with defined validations and access controls.

Innovative, interactive and instant banking at your fingertips.

The workings behind the software are simple. A registered customer sends a pre-defined message to a specific number to request for a service. Southtech Mobile Banking receives the message and replies back to the customer based on access privileges and preferences defined for the customer. The server manages user authentication, validates messages to facilitate online real-time transactions using an interface to the core banking system. The server allows services to customers by maintaining strict access controls. As a control feature, all transactions are recorded in an audit trail for post-facto investigation, if necessary. Since Southtech Mobile Banking is a customized solution, a new services can be incorporated as per your requirements.The key benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency, high ROI with minimal operational costs

  • Access to 24/7 on-demand banking services

  • Nominal workload at branch level

  • Adaptability with any core banking solution

  • Enhanced ability to grow without corresponding infrastructure costs

  • Parameter-driven notifications