Southtech Ascend Financials




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Southtech Ascend Financials is a complete financial software suite. It satisfies the demands of commercial banks, development banks, microfinance institutions (MFIs) and non-banking institutions (NBFIs). Ascend Financials includes five separate financial solutions. These five products can be used as a whole but can also be used in any combination as per the needs of the customer.

Southtech Ascend Financials employs a flexible architecture that allows an institution to operate on a completely online mode.

The financial products included in Ascend Financials comprise of a comprehensive core banking solution (Ascend CBS®), an Android application for MFI operations (Ascend Smart Collection®), a wide-ranging micro-insurance solution (Ascend Micro-insurance®), a branchless banking solution (Ascend Horizon®) and a modern internet banking solution (Southtech Internet Banking).The solution employs a flexible architecture that allows an institution to operate in hybrid-mode. Hence, an institution will be able to continue business even in remote areas in an offline mode. Additionally, the software’s operational and configuration flexibility allows institutions to comply with existing as well as changing financial rules and regulations.Ascend Financials has been built on latest Java technology, with modern encryption technology at its core. Furthermore, it is extremely fast and its most noteworthy capability is handling 5,000 branches simultaneously.Southtech Ascend Financials proves to be a powerful tool for those who have efficiency and growth in mind. A conventional commercial bank will be able to expand its outreach by offering microcredit offerings while an MFI can expand its services by becoming a development bank.

With Southtech Ascend Financials, a financial institution will be able to:

  • Operate in a centralized, distributed or hybrid mode

  • Control and grow for both current and future operations

  • Customize and design financial products and services to meet even the most subtle needs of their own clients

  • Have a faster paced operation, saving time and money