Southtech SFPlus



A simplified solution from planning to procurement

Southtech Smart Fusion (SF) Plus is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It automates and integrates core business processes to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for smooth business operations. The solution consists of a total of 11 modules that enable a business to set up the backbone of its processes and procedures. As a result, an organisation is able to ensure efficient maintenance of day to day operations. The solution consists of following eleven different modules, namely:


Security Administrator

Procurement and Sourcing

Fixed Asset Management

Financial Management

Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Information

Payroll and Benefits

Leave and Attendance

Training Management

Vehicle Management

Service Management

Southtech SFPlus has been developed keeping in mind the various aspects of running a large enterprise. Hence, it is able to equip senior management with the right management and financial information reports for faster decision making. The types of reports that can be generated include trial balances, income statements, inventory, budgets and many more.

Security remains a priority in SFPlus as it is an integral part of a company’s core. The system ensures that there is an audit trail for all activities. Therefore, thorough accountability is established. User classifications and controls safeguards the system from unauthorised access while automatic back-ups of the database provide additional protection.In addition to getting access to the system in the office premises, the application can be used on mobile devices. The mobile application ensures connectivity to HO for remote workers so they can securely access specific user-defined business functions. Built on Microsoft technology, such an ERP solution caters to those who have an efficient, data-rich and secure operation in mind.

The expected benefits of Southtech SFPlus are:

  • Easy and effective financial management by keeping track of all operational records

  • Streamlined and secured inventory and accounting management system

  • Protected, centralized and efficient IT for your enterprise

  • Productivity improvement by automating the whole process from an employees’ recruitment

  • Staffs’ skill development by monitoring achievements and appraisals

  • Smooth policy implementation and management