Southtech SCALED



Southtech SCALED (Skill-Set Competency Assessment for Logical Evaluation and Development) is a complete, fully automated Human Resource Management solution.

The HR system becomes highly efficient because SCALED ensures all business processes are automated from recruitment to retirement.

This completely online and web-based advanced HR Management software allows you to manage all HR activities therefore significantly reducing administrative and operational costs. The feature rich software solution consists of 11 modules that oversee a business’s HR operations. The modules allow the HR Department to manage, assess and evaluate prospective employees and permanent employees alike.

The system efficiently maintains all people management activities such as talent acquisition and retention, efficient man-power utilization, skill-set upgradation and employee evaluation. The company is able to reduce its overall cost by efficiently managing all available resources.
Large NGOs, renowned banks, corporate houses and international hotel chains are now using this application. These organisations that have between 60 – 100,000+ employees. This means it manages all things related to employee information, salary disbursement, Provident Fund related activities, recruitment, holidays, attendance, training and appraisals.

A simplified management system

While the benefits from automation may be numerous, the several specific advantages an organization may enjoy include:

  • Productivity gains and cost savings throughout the organization

  • Fast implementation of new policies and procedures with ease through the Head Office Module

  • Faster data analysis through the establishment of a single global data repository for all people management activities

  • Substantial savings on printing costs and paper because of online leave application processing, as well as viewing of pay slips

  • The availability of accurate data enabling faster decision-making

  • A stronger workforce through skill and knowledge transfers

  • Reduced margin of error in salary disbursement

  • Accountability throughout the organization due to a transparent appraisals system

  • Auto generation of pay slips and salary certificates guarantees confidentiality