Southtech Majicjobs



Southtech Majicjobs is an online assessment tool that can help organisations to hire, examine and train staff.

The solution is a subscription-based tool and therefore can be used only when the business needs it. Examinations in the system can be set by the businesses themselves. This means that customized tests can be set up for specific roles as well as general ones. For example, basic English tests can be set up to filter candidates in the first stages. This can be followed up by specific exams such as Java or Accounting. Hence, the business is able to save a lot of time by screening poor candidates before interviews.

Southtech Majicjobs helps a business assess their permanent staff too. This is done by setting up training through the system followed by exams. Individual staff performance can be monitored and extra support can be given to underperforming staff members.

An organization can utilize Majicjobs’s question bank for assessing candidates. The question bank already includes questions on general knowledge, Mathematics, English and computer programming. If recruitment agents or large organizations wish, we may even organize the creation of specialized questions for specific job areas by using sector specialists.

Southtech Majicjobs can also be used by recruitment agencies. They can easily assess candidates before recommending them to businesses. As a result, recruitment agencies are likely to see an increase in their commission as they will successfully place more candidates.

Majicjobs can be easily integrated to a client’s website to enhance their own recruitment and training process. This helps the client make their own HR department more efficient, saving time and money.

The key benefits of Southtech Majicjobs include:

  • User-defined assessment process

  • Mass quality assessment with minimum cost

  • Easy to integrate to your website without changing the look and feel of your website

  • Multi-disciplinary assessment test (from English language proficiency to Computer programming language)